How to make your glasses fit your eyebrows

We’ve always been told to select eyeglasses that complement our eyebrow shape. But most of us have unevenly curved brows, uni-brows or simply brows that no frame matches the arc of.
Needless to say, we’re still where we started… finding the right pair!

After your eyes, your eyebrows are the most important feature of your face. They convey your thoughts and emotions even when you’re not saying anything. Remember how they would rise up from one side just because you heard something nasty and as if saying, “Oh really!”

eyebrow style

So, everybody has different eyebrow shapes though. If you wear eyeglasses, choose a pair that celebrates your individual style and unique personality.

celebrity eyeglass

First things first, do yourself a favor and get rid of the eyeglasses that completely cover your eyebrows. There is a certain subtlety in the way your brows work with your eyes to give your face some character.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt-eyeglasses

If your brows are hidden behind your frames, it gets harder for people to gauge your moods. Take a look at Kangana Ranaut in these two eyeglasses and see for yourself.

kangana ranaut v5

Frames that imitate your face shape –
It is well known that you should select frames that make your facial structure appear oval.

face shape & frames

However, if you end up with frames that exactly mimic the shape of your face, don’t throw them away yet.
Maintain thin and sleek brows that do not look too dominant. This takes away from the prominence of the frames on your face.

Take cue from our very own PeeCee who offsets her trendy Lennon shades with well-maintained eyebrows (despite her round face, that is).

priyanka chopra

Eyebrow placement –
Make sure that your eyebrows don’t fall below the upper rim of your eyeglasses. Yes, I said eyeglasses; not sunglasses. Doing so will only draw the attention away from your eyes and highlight the imperfections of your brows.


Semi-rimless frames –
These lay major emphasis on the top portion of the frame. And, if not worn well, they may look like an extra pair of brows just below the actual ones.


So pair these frames such that they rest just below your brows. This becomes even more pivotal if you’re opting for thicker frames.

perfect-frame( Slight Distort)

Thick frames –
Bushy eyebrows are hot! But let’s face it, thick frames and thick eyeglasses will only make you look like a really bad anime version of yourself. And blurring the lines here is definitely not a good idea!

young man with eyeglasses

You should get thick frames only if you have medium-thick or thin brows.


But at the same time, you don’t want to wear them with teensy-weensy eyebrows either, or they’ll end up overshadowing your brows and making you look expressionless and poker.

Lastly, but this should probably be done first – stock up on a good pair of mini-scissors, tweezers and a clear brow gel. Wearing glasses regularly means that everybody’s attention is primarily on them. Having clean, well-defined brows is a must.

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