How to care for your eyes this Monsoon

We love monsoons for its gentle winds, entrancing rains and the pleasant smell of wet earth. It is also the season to sail paper boats and to be spotted in waterproof accessories in vivid colours.

paper boats

waterproof accessories

Monsoon gives us succor from the scorching summer heat, but it also brings along with it a host of ailments.

Stay clean, eat right and wash your feet once you reach home – the list of advices to keep us healthy during the rains is a long one. But, do people tell us as to how to care for our eyes in the rains?

Apart from washing hands frequently, one should avoid rubbing or touching their eyes. In case, your eyes get swollen, you should consult an ophthalmologist at the earliest.

Also, avoid sharing your eye make-up with others. It will be good if you can refrain from using our old eye make-up too.

Do you use contact lenses? If so, ensure you clean them regularly. Still better, if you can opt for daily disposable contact lenses in this monsoon, so that, you can be free of worries.

And the most important thing! Wear a pair of sunglasses when you go out. It will prevent the dust particles from getting into your eyes. Also, it will give your eyes the most needed UV protection.

Keeping the wet weather in mind, one should steer clear of metal frames and go for the more water-friendly plastic ones. And here at Lenskart, you will find a wide variety of vibrant plastic frames to choose from.

red frame

blue frame

Be monsoon-ready and have a splash!



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