Come March, and the Holi fever begins to grip Indians of all ages. It is certainly India’s, and arguably the world’s most colourful festival – a colour extravaganza where people smear each other with vivid hues.

But it isn’t just the festival of colours, it is also a celebration of swagger and style, increasingly now. An occasion to let go of all qualms, and just have fun – mostly wildly!

But while clothes contribute to your swagger, why should the eyes be bereft of style?

This Holi, we bring to you trendy reflector sunglasses that will make you stand out from the colorful crowd.

The hottest fashion these days is to turn to the past in search of stylish eyewear. Adorn vintage colours with a touch of modernity and bring a little pizzazz in to your world.

What better than bright hues in front of your eyes, to see the world as a colourful paradise!

Bright blue round sunglasses, brighter than the sky, add so much vibrancy to the ‘blues’ of life.

Parrot green reflectors are certain to turn others green with envy.

Any and every shape – round, octagon, wayfarers – mingle perfectly well in the wide spectrum of hues that this bright festival brings with itself.

The new Holi collection has bold and classy sunglasses to bring out the swagger in you.

This Holi, it’s raining colours, and it’s raining Swag, because the world seems brighter with what we have to offer.

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