History of Sunglasses

Made from wood and ivory, it slit at the centre to allow only a small amount of light. Roman emperor Nero used them to watch gladiatorial games.

James Ayscough made spectacles with green-blue tinted lenses for vision correction. So, the first ever tint in sunglasses was green. Remember the classic Aviators? Chinese judges used glasses made from slices of polished quartz to hide their expressions while questioning witnesses.

aviator sunglasses

Sam Foster launched these Inexpensive mass-produced sunglasses on the beaches of the Atlantic City.    Popularly known as Aviators, they were  developed   mainly for the air-force pilots to protect their eyes   from the sun’s glare.

Designed by Alain Mikli, they have horizontal slats in the frame and provided no protection from UV rays or sunlight in general. These were the first to use plastic in frames instead of metals.

Developed by US Naval Labs, they could be twisted and bent but once heated they revert back to their original form. There are millions of different styles, prices & brands, with lots of design imitating the current fashion trends.
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