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What do you have to say about a product that’s a pair of sunglasses + phone + video recording + still imaging + projector + style + fun? Multitasking at a different level, right! I have been hearing about technology engulfing the world. It always mesmerizes me how even the basic things like sunglasses have been captured by this rage. The technological twists and turns in the eyewear industry have given way to some new contraptions to us.

I’m listing a few ‘have-it-all’ gizmos, designed to pamper not only peepers but hearts too…

Gizmo No. 1: The unique Google Glass

Over dinner, the other day, there was a mind-boggling discussion over the new talk of the town — Google glass. The vehemency with which everyone spoke about this pair of eyewear and the breakthrough technology it embodies, made me think how spectacular innovations are becoming — and excitingly so in eyeglasses! Come again, weren’t spectacles something that people hated to wear — once upon a time!

But, well, now you have the Google Glass. Combining the best of everything in one, you can play with messages, emails, still imaging and video recording by just commanding your spectacles — “Ok Glass, make a video”…. Hell wow.. capturing your world and carrying it with you, sharing real life experience with your loved ones in an instant. Could you ask for anything more!


The view from the Google Glass while you’re wearing them. Just command your Glass about the option you want!

Gizmo 2: Augmented Reality with Vuzix Wrap 920AV

Get the experience of a projector while you are soaking your feet in the pool or flying 40,000 feet above the ground in an airplane. In a virtual 60-inch display, these sunglass-style eyewear bring to you the best picture quality, whether it is 2D or 3D. Bringing sweet music to ears all the time, you can connect this contraption with any Mp3 or phone for a never-ending musical experience. AND, it has a battery life of up to 6 hours!


Gizmo 3:  On the edge – Lumus Optical specs

These Ultra-thin Light-guide optical element (LOE) lenses have twin display lenses hidden in the temples, meant to display 60-inch screen, just like the Vuzix Wrap 920 AV. Enhancing the viewing parameters, the glasses offer 27.5 degree field view. So, get the horses of your minds riding, as a world with such a contraption will be a great one.


Gizmo 4: Hi-tech geek – Zeiss cinemizer plus

An extension to the league of virtual display glasses, the augmented version of Zeiss Cinimizer video glasses, is an innovation which offers a display of 45-inches from 6-feet away. With an aim to make it compact, all the controls have been added to the battery area to keep the clutter away. The inbuilt system can be integrated with iPods and iPhones and is a boon for music lovers.


Gizmo 5: Get bowled over by Myvu Crystal glasses

Listening to your favorite song, you wish if you could see the video too? Well, this is taken care of by Myvu crystal glasses, as you attach it to an external device and you switch it on… You will see a TV like screen 6 feet away, in front of you with the video playing in high definition. Beating its older siblings, this gadget is a plus for those on the move yet do not like to miss on the fun.


Listening to songs on my Lumus Optical specs in great quality music, I have jotted down the best of glasses available. If you can, it’s worth indulging in one of these super eye glasses? After all it is the age of technology and an era of technological advanced folks.

Image courtsey: Slash gear, Pinterest 

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