Here’s What Your Sunglasses Say About You

Sunglasses are dapper accessories (if you know how to make good use of them). They have been saving us on a lot of days, and we cannot be thankful enough. Think we’re joking? Let us take you back to the time when you had to make a fashion statement in the absence of any piece of jewellery, had to hide those bags under your eyes caused due to a night of constantly working on the laptop, or had to make a dramatic entrance. You do remember who came to the rescue, dont you?

A minute here to pay our respects to the great time when goggles were invented!

A good pair of sunglasses can accentuate your personality like nothing else. Moreover, what frames you choose define your taste in things to a great extent, and here’s a secret – it can help you understand someone else’s patterns too! (if you know what we mean *wink wink*)1

Which one of these personalities are you?

1 Aviators for life!

You exude confidence like it’s your signature scent. If the traffic cop pulls over his car next to you, you slow down and wave at him. There’s nothing that can shake this human!

2 Clubbing-ready, always

You are ready to go partying at the drop of a hat, and absolutely love to set yourself free at any point in time. Weekdays cannot stop you from having a great time!

3 Boxy is better

Disciplined, organized and absolute lovers of doing things at the right time. There is far more to you than meets the eye (very clearly indicated by your rectangular frames!), and there’s an air of intrigue all around you, because nobody can read your mind!

Catty, but not bratty

Classy yet dramatic, you’re from the clan of leaders who like to keep it a little fancy! The way you look from the corner of your cat-eye sunglasses and raise a brow, the strongest of nature’s force comes down to its knees for you!

5 Retro Rounders!

You are a firm believer in the old and classic, which indicates that you like everything simplified and clear, just like your round sunglasses. You are one centered soul, and know where you are going, and nothing changes that!

If you think you belong to a category that hasn’t yet been published, let us know! And oh, keep having fun with your sunglasses and keep looking your best self!

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