Here’s a new entry into the ‘athleisure’ trend

Athleisure has taken over the fashion industry by storm, with pop-culture icons and fashionistas inculcating it in their everyday outfits. Earlier sweatpants and sneakers were reserved for workouts, but the changing trend has evolved their usage significantly. The sports leisure has become the largest growing trend in the fashion world with luxury brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel joining this new lifestyle which has broken the barrier that separates sportswear and casual wear.

This cool trend has changed the way we dress up for casual and social gathering, and even work. And the same fad has now accelerated the integration of sports sunglasses into everyday wear. Resilient and sporty, these sunglasses are redefining the daily eyewear fashion and have strengthened the growing lifestyle. Take inspiration from around the world to elevate your style by incorporating sports sunglasses into your everyday attire.

Classy blend of casual & loud sports sunglasses

How can sports sunglasses not be a part of the athleisure trend when the fashion icon Bella Hadid is donning them so effortlessly? The loud sports sunglasses speak for a bold personality like hers. These audaciously tinted lenses work wonders when paired with vibrant outfits. These sunglasses will add an extra element to your streetwear.

Take a look at how Bella Hadid looks ramp-walk ready in an oversized red sweatshirt paired with orange mirror sports sunglasses. A personal touch of nude lipstick, minimal make-up and red high heels make her look chic. Cleverly mix-matching the outfit with cool sneakers can add spice to your daily wear.

Oversized shades to look uber chic

The invasion of the athleisure trend has taken your sporty attire to a different level, providing you with an opportunity to dress beyond the usual norms. Whether it’s leggings, sneakers and even sports sunglasses, you can mix and match anything your heart desires. For instance, these oversized black sports sunglasses are a perfect example as they definitely add zest to your athleisure outfit.

The workout apparel like a sports bra, tank top or tee along with yoga pants can be combined with these oversized shades to make all the right statements. The sports sunglasses radiate more grace when topped with an overcoat. The style and class offered by these sports sunglasses with smooth frame edges and large temple designs are sure to hit the right fashion chords and, hence, are preferred by celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

Runway ready with sporty sunglasses

As peanut butter is to jelly, Oakley is to athletic wear. So how can the athleisure fashion be devoid of them? The blue mirror sunglasses take the athleisure look to a whole new level. It gives an impression that a person is rigorously active.

Moreover, it emanates cool vibes and makes a man look dapper. The elite, performance sunglasses are reining the runways. The shades can be teamed up with your workout T-shirt and joggers while a solid colored jacket can complement the whole outfit.

From sports arena to streetwear

These sunglasses used to be go-to eyewear for athletes such as Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar while destroying ballers in scorching heat. But with the influence of athleisure, these uber sporty sunglasses have made their way to casual wear as they add a vibrant touch to your attire. Transform your gym-attire to street apparel by combining your gym tee or tank top with your favorite denim jacket and jeans. Team it up with casual sneakers to complete the look.

The smooth integration of sports sunglasses with athleisure lifestyle opens up endless possibilities in terms of adding different and unique elements to your wardrobe. So next time you head out with your mates, try incorporating sports sunglasses to your attire. With on-the-go and time constrained consumers looking for more active lifestyle and wanting to look good all time, this trend will not likely end anytime soon.

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