Here’s how you can be different on your Wedding Day

Weddings are all about everything grand! It is the wedding day when one wants to look their best and hence the pressure is to stand out. If you want to break the old pattern and experiment, then wearing colored contact lenses on your wedding day is definitely the thing for you!

Weddings in India, regardless, are all about colors and this wedding season too is no exception. There is a rush of color evidently in all things that make up a marriage. Weddings have become the Mecca of fashion with the finest of bridal wear being adorned and the select jewelry and accessory choices. And interestingly enough, brides and bridegrooms have actually started going overboard with experimenting. Thus, in a bid to go out of the way and at the same time retain the elegance, colored contact lenses is definitely the perfect choice! Colored contact lenses are the hottest new things. It is not just brides but grooms too who have taken up this trend quite fascinatingly.

These very stylish fashion accessories are ruling the charts with their different flavors in color. Here are a few colored contact lenses which have been trending the wedding charts:

  • Contact lenses in brown shades are most popular colored lenses in the big fat Indian Wedding scene this season! They perfectly sync with the natural Indian eye color, accentuating the skin tone.
  • Darker shades have most commonly been in demand, but off late lighter and more experimental colored lenses have come to predominate.
  • In fact more flamboyant colors like blue, violet, green and grey are being flaunted by people thronging weddings to make a style statement.
  • Darker shades like brown and blue create a dramatic effect. Colored contact lenses have come to denote a higher style quotient.

There are reasons enough to wear colored contacts during this wedding season!

Styling it up!

Colored contact lenses are all about style! They add to the fashion quotient by enhancing the natural color of the eyes. Many brides opt for eye color enhancing lenses which provide a very subtle change while creating a natural effect. Opaque lenses are very effective in making an impression on dark eyes or changing the color of light eyes.

Fashionable all the way!

Again, colored lenses add an edge by changing one’s personal style sense and making it more fashionable! Colored contact lenses can not only be paired with the color of the dress but also helps amplify the jewelry chosen.


With a range of interesting colors now available in the market, experimental shades like turquoise, hazels, and even white, apart from the usual, are the most sought after. So the wedding season this time takes the notion of being more to a different notch! So on your Big day go all the way and flaunt colored contact lenses!

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