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Making its customers happy & rendering a shopping experience like never before is Lenskart’s main aim. Each of our shoppers are as important for us as some of India’s well-known people who are also Lenskart’s dedicated customers. Here’s a testimony to our unremitting struggle of bringing perfect eyewear to your doorsteps:


Varun Sharma, Industry Head, Ecommerce, GOOGLE INDIA


Lenskart has a Superb collection
at affordable prices. You can find
any style and design here.
Thank you for maki
ng eyewear
more accessible and easy to buy.”


Meenakshi Rao, Associate Editor, THE PIONEER

Meenakshi Rao

“Lenskart and Bagskart are my go-to website for eyeware and bags for all occasions. Their service is prompt, the variety mind-boggling and the prices something to kill for. So many times I have returned empty-handed from shops in various malls, thinking it is better to buy from the Lenskart and almost always I have found the product on their website at a much lesser price. And the best thing about them is that they are completely hassle-free and generate a huge amount of trust in the customer.”


Ankit Shah, AVP, Private Equity, UNILAZER VENTURES PVT. LTD.

ankit1“I have been a Lenskart customer for last 18 months and it has been a great experience to shop from this website. I was earlier skeptical of buying glasses online but now, Lenskart is my one-stop shop for all my eye-care needs whether it is prescription glasses or power sunglasses. I would have bought 5 times and every time, the quality and service levels have been ahead of my expectations!”


Aanchal Jain, Senior VP, Brands, Futurebrands, FUTURE GROUP

31572_4“I love online shopping. I can choose from the best range, products are guaranteed and the price is always much better than retail. I buy books, phone and toys online. It’s an absolute delight to shop at Lenskart. At the optical store, the salesman constantly shows me what he would like to sell to me. I felt great to choose from hundreds of stylish frames at Lenskart. I wanted one classic black and one li’l more funky red frame. I also enjoyed virtual try-on, where I saw at least 50 frames on my face. I showed it to me family too. I chose two pairs and both were nicely fitted with my lenses and delivered to me in less than 2 days. I didn’t have to go anywhere! I paid Rs. 2,750 for both pairs (with lenses). For 1 year warranty, branded products, they would have costed me at least Rs. 4,000 at an optical store. And I can’t play around with my looks at the optical store.”



gunjan“Buying eyeglasses from Lenskart has always been a pleasure. They are a company that’s always at your disposal. With time crunch always an issue with me, one thing I can easily shop for are my specs. Even though I am not the kind of person who would change eyeglasses often, but whenever I do, quality is what I look for. And Lenskart has never failed me. I am not brand conscious and would take pick anything that fits the bill of my needs. And with Lenskart I have never been failed. No matter what brand I pick, it’s quality is par excellence. Lenses are perfect too — specs are delivered with precise power. I think it’s a great platform and a unique one in ecommerce space. Great idea, good job, excellent customer service. I’m a happy customer.”




Copy of vivekvisa“I take this opportunity to thank LensKart for its utmost professional approach and quality service. I am a doctor who has shifted to North America for further studies. As most of us do; it is wiser to carry a pair of spectacles but for me; this was somewhere in the lower end of the priority list. Had it not been LensKart and Mr. Amit Choudhary’s flawless services, I would have been in complete distress. Moreover, the brand is not only technically far superior than many opticians but also the staff is well trained and oriented to latest know-how in the market. With this testimonial, I express my gratitude towards the professionalism of the team and satisfaction towards the brand.”






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