Have an Eye for Fashion with Contact Lenses

Are you tired of going around in eyeglasses, do you want to get rid of that geeky look and step into something that is more suggestive of your attitude? Well, if you are keen on even some part of things mentioned above, hold on right there because I am quite sure that I have got a quick solution for your problems. Contact lens is an obvious and most convenient choice for replacing the eyeglasses, but most of us desist from wearing them because of various misconceptions. You should be concerned about something like your eyes because there can never be a better gift than the eyesight and all your doubts regarding wearing contacts are well justified.

A few months back, I was watching my favourite Washington Nationals baseball outfielder Bryce Harper play, and I could not help notice his eyes because he was wearing red contacts. It was only after I read an article in a sports magazine that I came to know that he was not wearing contacts to get a rosy view of the world, but it is just that red tinted glasses or contacts block out the elements blue light, UV and glare of the sun. I realised how it could change the things by not getting into way in day to day activities as well as in sports. Nowadays, there is a range of contact lenses in different colours that can replace sunglasses and glares and come with all the features that sunglasses come with. It does not stop just there, the coloured sunglasses are coming up as a hot fashion accessory. Some of the coloured contacts come with a special pattern on iris that makes your eyes seem bigger. ‘Big Eyes’ and ‘ColourVUE’ series from Ciba Vision is case in a point. Now, first and foremost question that comes to mind is, “Are the contacts safe to use?” The answer to that question would be ‘yes’. There are certain colour additives that have been rendered as safe for use in contact lenses and have been approved by FDA and other medical associations.

As more and more people are switching over to the contact lenses due to the reasons mentioned above, it is estimated that the market for contacts would take a quantum leap to 12.2 billion in 2018. All the big Hollywood stars are using contacts either for cosmetic use or for vision correction and if they can so can you. Although contacts are more about your style and convenience rather than for fashion but I would say that there is absolutely no harm in blending usability with style and it will on the contrary do a lot good than bad. Contact lens is a convenient way of getting over the problem of vision correction. Millions of people round the globe have switched to contact lenses and I think it is your turn to buy a pair of contacts.

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