Have a Spec-tacular 2015

Love fashion! Love eyewear! This year, celebrate innovation and vision without boundaries, in style with Lenskart.

Lenskart presents Vincent Chase eyeglasses which are stylish and will give you a feeling of calmness for all your senses. So, let’s go on an eyewear odyssey to find the most exclusive pair of Vincent Chase eyeglasses.

The rimless beauties


The Vincent Chase VC 0332 Silver Blue eyeglasses are constructed with the finest material for high durability and to give enhanced vision. This rimless pair comes with the concept of seeing without barriers. The minimalistic design of the frame will bring out a sense of classiness in the wearer.  

With a dedication to create the very best for the bespectacled are the Vincent Chase VC 5882 Gunmetal rimless eyeglasses. The eyeglasses are so lightweight and comfortable; it’s almost as if you don’t have anything on your eyes. Crafted for both men and women, the Gunmetal rimless specs are made with stainless steel for simplicity and functionality.

These Vincent Chase rimless spectacles are specially designed for the prestige-oriented people. Express your high lifestyle standards in your outlook as well and flaunt a pair to celebrate a new you this year.

The pristine blinkers

  Synonymous with innovative and quality craftsmanship is the Vincent Chase VC be 1386 Grey Red half-rim eyeglasses. Made with cutting-edge design and technology, the eyeglasses are stylish and highly functional. In order to maximize optical performance, the finest materials are used to craft the frame. Designed for men and women, the eyeglasses work well for people whose style is classic, smart and sensible.

This half-rim eyewear by Vincent Chase can be inherently linked with fashion with a certain level of prestigious class. Committed to provide the highest quality eyewear, the Vincent Chase VC be 1383 Brown eyeglasses are elegant, stylish and highly functional. The classic styling is meshed with modern designs and youthful influences. With a timeless sense of style, this eyewear is a prime example for the sophisticated souls.

The perfect amalgamation of ease, class and chicness, these Vincent Chase half-rim spectacles will serve as the ideal accessory in 2015 for the perfectionist.

The retro cheaters


The Vincent Chase VC 6432 Tortoise eyeglasses are created for the independent-minded individuals who have an eye for the old school charm. With a seamless fusion of new techniques and timeless designs, this retro-inspired eyewear will allow the wearer to boldly stand out from the crowd. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and the finest of materials, not only providing style, the Vincent Chase Tortoise spectacles are practical as well.   

Celebrate the understated elegance with the Vincent Chase VC 6429 Black Red eyeglasses. Known to make exquisite eyewear, this Vincent Chase Wayfarer frame is carved with the state-of-the-art materials to provide durability and functionality. With contemporary styling, this Wayfarer reflects an obvious traditional design that emits subtle glamour.

As Vincent Chase pays homage to vintage designs, embark the New Year with a distinctive flair with these classic spectacles.

While you journey into a new year, make a style resolution to always look your best effortlessly. Make a seamless transition from the smart to casual look with these six best choices of eyewear. There is no denying that these eyeglasses will up your style statement by a notch.

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