Happy Workaholic’s Day

July 5 marks the Workaholics Day. It’s the day not to nag or complain but rather to recognize and comfort those ‘Work-a-Holic’ friends, colleagues and relatives around you. Just in case you cannot recall one, let me just help you by throwing some light on their major and most obvious traits.

They just cannot relax. So while everybody else will be taking some time off for fun and leisure, they will be spotted buried under the huge pile of their never-ending work.


They work because for them it’s fun. They are constantly working no matter if it’s a weekend or a holiday. They always have a certain list of tasks to be done and are practically always thinking about their work.


They carry their work with them almost everywhere there go. From their bed, to their washroom and even to their vacations, their work stays with them all along.

In fact who can forget the workaholic Hrithik Roshan from the popular bollywood movie Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara?

He worshiped his work and carried the pressure and the deadlines everywhere with him, paying no heed to the time, place or his surroundings.

So this Workaholics day, let’s make these work addicts feel a little special by presenting them with a handy gift, and what can be better than a comfortable eyewear for all those long working hours.

These are some of the light rimless options from Lenskart:

gunmetal eyewear

This vibrant gunmetal eyewear will add on the right amount of brightness in their otherwise dull busy life.

silver pair of eyeglasses

rimless eyeglasses

For a hectic work life nothing can be more comfortable than a light pair of spectacles.

pair of Switcher eyeglasses

This dynamic pair of Switcher eyeglasses, by John Jacobs, will bring newness to their mundane routine life.

Also, try and suggest these work addicts some ways to make a change and help them bring about a healthy balance in their work and social life. And to all the Workaholics out there – Take it easy!

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