Hang out with your Frames


d_eye_yPlanning to go out in the day is like a suicidal attempt.  Talk about your poor eyes that have to go through all the torture. And to top it all, your style statement is a bummer. But we fashion maniacs would do it all to look all that gorgeous.. inna?  On Sunday, while I was sipping cold coffee and lazing around, my mother reprimanded me saying I need to put in place all the sunglasses I was spending a moolah on. They were scattered all around my room.

The super-awesome me that is all creative, told the lazy me: “Let’s go ‘crafty’ and make a sunglass holder to keep my frames safe, in front of my eyes and my mother blithe.” Even on Sundays I don’t get to relax!! It’s a mean world GOD..  So I did some quick fix and got a sassy glass holder in place…


Like it?? I knew it! So I will give you some easy steps to this Oh-so-wow sunglass holder. You can now keep your glasses in front of your eyes and change them every now and then. Not to mention, to keep our oldie happy..

Stack out all the old or new sunglasses. From your cupboard, car’s dashboard, bag, drawers… phew.. You have quite a few, don’t cha? You would also need an old photo frame, a steel wire, some screw eyes, measuring tape, ice pick, scissors and pencil.

With all that hard work in place, you have become a proud owner of photo frame-sunglass holder.


Quick Steps

Step 1: Measure the length of the frame and check where you would want to fix the steel wires and mark those spots with pencil.

Step 2: Use the ice pick and dig out a hole at the back of the wooden frame, where you had mark those spots in step 1. Trust me it will be very easy.

Step 3: Fix the screw eyes in the holes and screw it tight.

Step 4: Put in the steel wire in the screw eyes and twist it a couple of times.

Step 5: Re-check if the wire is tight enough to hold your sunglasses in place, you do not want them to fall down.. do you now!

Tah Dah, hang hand hang.. all those crazy  pairs you have been collecting all this while. Its showcase time…

This was definitely one amazing way of doing it. Let me give you a sneak peak to some other ways too.

This one does not require a wooden frame, all it needs is some crafty instincts and a space for wall hanging. So stitch your way into it girlies..

sunglass holder complete


Last but not the least this super easy way will get some junk in your house to good use.


Nice no? and it is as easy as a cake walk…


You have learned quite a bit about how to make a glass holder, go make some and post the pictures on our Facebook page.. Your creativity would be a site for sure…

P.S: Apart from a hard working daughter, your mother also gets to flaunt your creativity, each time that chicky aunt of yours is home. Well why shy away… it’s time for VANITY and NO APOLOGIES.

Image courtesy: pinterest;google;madiganmade.

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