Guilty of a sweet tooth? Let’s eye our desserts

Winters have arrived & with that the perpetual cravings for delicious food, especially for the desserts! And for the ones who have a sweet tooth like me, this is an ultimate time to indulge.


So, with all the luscious cakes, macaroons, fudges and pies around, it got me thinking that what if I could have an eyewear inspired from my favourite dessert? And with that in my mind, I got down to put together some of my favourite guilty pleasures with an eyewear that matches them the best.

I hope you have as much fun browsing through them as the amount I had in putting them together. Have a look:


Divine Chocolate Cake



Winter White Red Velvet Fudge

I am totally going to add on to my eyewear collection with these quirky pairs and you should too.

So go ahead and be spunky this winter by donning your eyes in the colour of your favourite dessert! And for the quirky Vincent Chase collection you can shop at and do share your pictures with us.

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