#GrowingUpWithGlasses & still not complaining

If glasses were a part of your childhood, you’ve literally grown up with them. Some good and some bad experiences have accompanied all of us, with this accessory sitting prominently on our face all the time.


For some, the tale of growing up with glasses is a horror story, but there are many others, who have enjoyed the company of specs. Your glasses not only correct your vision, but also help you in learning few real-life lessons that make you unique.

You have something in common with celebrities

“Wearing glasses add an instant quirk and elegance” – Eva Mandes.

You must be amazed to know that our favourite celebrities like Selena Gomez and Jenifer Garner have also grown up with glasses, just like you. Tinted glasses, which are now the trademark of the ‘Pirate of Caribbean’, Johnny Depp, has a lot to do with his weak left eyesight. When celebrities don’t shy away from getting clicked with glasses, then why should you?

Time for some insta #Lensfie pictures!

Eva Mandes eyeglasses

Specsy specsy you, friendly friendly you

Why so serious! Put your glasses on to bring forth your amicable side. Have you ever noticed that people come to you to take suggestions! All because of your specsy look. With specs on, you look more compassionate, and thus you must have many friends to entertain.

Specsy specsy you friendly friendly you

Do you look scary when you wake up? Who cares!

Growing up with glasses takes you away from the one-minute scary show of looking at yourself in the mirror every morning! You can go out and enjoy the sunshine with a cup of coffee without being worried about your messy hair or sleepy face.

messy hair or sleepy face

Eyeglasses are beyond dress codes

Who says glasses only lend you a nerdy look! It can also help you in getting noticed for many good reasons. During your school days, when all your friends looked the same every day – from tip to toe – you were the only one carrying fresh vibe with different frames. People who wear specs have the benefit of picking different frame styles, ranging from wayfarer to rectangle-shaped, oval and square. Different frames for different occasions, isn’t it exciting!

Eyeglasses are beyond dress codes

Make you aware of realities

Wearing specs is not about losing the child at your heart, but it has much to do with how you perceive the world with them on! Those who have grown up with glasses, got the lesson of taking care of their belongings at the right time. You love to play, you love to party, and you love to be loved but without going overboard about it.

growing up with glasses

Enough of hue and cry over growing up with glasses! When eyeglasses help you in having better vision, then why still be shortsighted and go with the common perception that glasses are always troublesome!

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