#GrowingUpWithGlasses: “I don’t mind being a myopic girl!”

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When I was young, the story of the ugly duckling was taught in the school. It is still etched in my memory. A baby swan finds itself among a flock of ducklings. It was called ugly only because it was a swan, and not a duck. It was different. It was unique.

Well, the first time I wore glasses to school, I felt exactly like the ugly duckling that looked different from its peers. I was barely in the sixth grade when my eyes started giving up. Hiding behind my spectacles, I spent most of the time indoors reading books. I was this little shy girl, pushing her glasses up the nose bridge, time and again.

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It all started when I began facing trouble jotting down notes from the blackboard, had frequent headaches, and would easily get distracted. I would often get reprimanded for talking during the class and disrupting it. The teachers soon realized that I had been asking other students to help me read the board.

The next thing I remember is my mother taking me to an optometrist. I had trouble reading the alphabets on the chart. The doctor declared that I badly needed glasses. Both my parents suffer from poor eyesight, and have been wearing glasses since a young age. So I guess it was inevitable for me to escape weak eyesight.

When I grew up, my mother had her share of worries while looking for a suitable groom for me. It irked her how some people looked down upon those wearing glasses and considered spectacles to be a social stigma, especially when you are a girl of marriageable age. Every young bespectacled girl has to face this shallow mentality that plagues Indian society.

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Now, when I look back, I see myself as incomplete without my pair of spectacles. Had it not been for my glasses, my world would have been all blurred and distorted. My regular headaches and eyestrain simply vanished as soon as I started putting on eyeglasses. My performance at school improved, and I was not missing catches anymore while playing cricket with my brothers. I felt amazing seeing everything around crystal clear, the way it was meant to be. Glasses helped me see fine details, and made my vision clearer than ever.

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Today, I am severely myopic and my spectacles are an indispensable part of me. They sit primly on my nose all day. The world looks just so fuzzy without them! There are times when I misplace my treasured spectacles, and fumble around. It often crosses my mind, what would I do without my glasses.

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They are a boon to me. I know people who would rather squint or suffer blurred vision than ‘ruin their appearance’ with glasses. They keep putting off having their eyes tested for vanity’s sake. Please don’t do that.

I also find so many students who fare poorly in school because of weak eyesight. Certain eye problems, if caught early, are reversible in nature. Hence, it’s very important to get your children’s eyes tested on time.

So, as long as you have your precious spectacles as your companion, don’t stop and show the world that you are a beautiful swan, and not an ugly duckling.

Time for a #LENSFIE 😉stylish girl taking selfie with her new orange eye frame

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