Google Glass – Be your own genie and your master!

Look! It’s a pair of glasses. It’s a computer. It’s Google Glass!

Released to the public on May 15th, 2014, Google requires you to shell out $1500 to get a single pair! So, what is the Google Glass all about?

It is wearable technology with an optical head-mounted display, equipped with a built-in computer that does everything from “googling” to giving directions to taking pictures. This is known as “ubiquitous computing”; computing that can appear anywhere and everywhere. If you have the Google Glass, you won’t need to lug around your desktop or tablet anymore.

It is your very own genie! All you need to do is rub the lamp (swipe the touchpad) or issue a voice command and it’s done. Having no screen, this genie projects information onto mid-air and displays a smartphone-like template.

google eyeglasses

google glass

Yes, it can correct your vision and shield you from sunlight but that is the very least it can do. There’s a host of other things that you can do with Google Glass that are sure to leave you wide-eyed.

Search for relevant information and get the latest news

Going somewhere? Your Google Glass can give you traffic updates, information about flight delays, route changes and much more.

Newspaper, tablet or phone?  You don’t need any of that. Google Glass can give you updates on everything – your favourite team’s latest sports scores, news updates from The New York Times, CNN – you name it, Glass has it.

google eyeglass

google glass 1

Make a call or send a message

Of course, you can call a friend, send a message or chill on Google Hangout!  But the cops will still give you a ticket for using this feature while driving.

google eyeglass 1

Share on social media

Cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Share all the action in real time with your friends and family without leaving a shred of evidence on the handy Google Glass. A tilt of the head and a voice command is all you need to let others into your world.

google glass 2

Take a picture or a video

This is easily the most fascinating thing about Google Glass. Now, you can seem to capture memories with your eyes! With the built-in camera and video recorder, you get to live the moment fully and not from behind a camera.

google eyeglass 2

Listen to music

With the Google Play Music application, you can listen to any song you want anywhere, anytime. Bored in the waiting room at the dentist’s? Choose a peppy song and take your mind off the impending pain. Slacking off on your exercise routine? Choose your favourite track and jog along.

Track your fitness

With applications like the Strava Run and the Strava Cycle, you can analyse your performance, set personal records and challenge your friends. LynxFit offers you fitness tutorials. With apps like these, personal trainers may soon start campaigning against Google Glass.

google glass 3

Translate with ease

Remember that time you went abroad and didn’t recognize a thing on the menu? That won’t happen again. With Word Lens, you’ll get and find exactly what you want in any foreign land. Simply use this app and get the baffling menu translated to your chosen language. It’s truly magical!

google eyeglass 3

You can get recipes, make notes, navigate jungles (of concrete or otherwise) – the list is endless!

Google Glass is available in four variants as eyeglasses and three as sunglasses. Whether you like it bold or subtle, classic or edgy, there’s one for you. And as it’s a pair of glasses, after all, you can get prescription lenses for vision correction and polarized, impact-resistant lenses for outdoor use.

google glass4

With celebrities such as the famous American sitcom actor Kunal Nayyar a.k.a Rajesh Koothrappali wearing Google Glass to the Emmys, it has surely carved a niche for itself among the “stars”. Now, it’s time for it to get down to earth and see if it can work the same magic on you and me.


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