Glam up your black cat-eye glasses

Glam up your black cat-eye glasses

Let’s face it, nobody wants to look boring! What if you could make a dramatic statement through a pair of DIY eyeglasses? The best part is that you don’t even need to head to the store to buy yourself a chunky frame:  you can easily try this trick on your old eyeglasses. All you need is some creativity, and you’ll be ready in no time with a customized pair of eyeglasses to bedazzle everyone! Let’s see how it’s done.

A cat-eye frame oozes femininity and style, and that’s not all, this feline-inspired shape flatters almost every face shape, that’s why today we are going to learn how to transform a simple cat-eye into a glamorous one. Here is the simple two-step procedure you need to follow:

Cat eye glasses for women

STEP 1 – The Ingredients

1. A pair of cat-eye glasses

2. Rhinestones, preferably in different sizes (here we’ve chosen silver, but you can go along with any color of your choice)

3. Glue (the rhinestones that we used had adhesive applied onto them already, so in case you are planning to use normal rhinestones, be sure to use a heavy-duty glue to stick the rhinestones onto the eyeglasses).

cat eye spectacles

STEP 2 – The Process

1. Firstly, gather all of your ingredients together

2. Start sticking the rhinestones along the frame. If you are using glue to stick the embellishments, then make sure to let them dry safely for at least 24 hours.

womens cat-eye glasses

3. Stick the bigger rhinestones at the edges to make them appear more prominent and to make the cat-eye frames more dramatic.

cat eyeglasses DIY

4. Make sure the placing of the rhinestones is even on both sides of the glasses.

DIY with cat eye glasses

5. Ready! There you go, you’ve successfully transformed a simple pair of ‘nerdy’ eyeglasses into super-glam ones!

DIY Eyeglasses - Cat Eye

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pair of eyeglasses and start experimenting!

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