Get your life in a better ‘frame’

Finding the perfect frame might sound easy but can be unexpectedly tough. The question is deciding what should be priority — the design of the frame or its quality. Whether to go for that perfectly-shaped frame or a good quality one is a tough choice, indeed.

design of the frame

On formal occasions and casual get-togethers, both, we all want to look our best. So, while deciding which frame to buy, the shape, size and color play an important role. A frame that complements the shape of the face and the skin tone works best. So, if you have a square face, round frames will suit you better. For people with oval or long faces, frames which are more angular and slightly bigger better balance the symmetry of the face.

Along with these factors, the most crucial aspect of selecting frames is buying a good quality one. But it is not easy to judge the quality of a frame since it can look great on the outside, but be of poor quality.

Here are some parameters to judge a good quality frame:

  • If the frame is too fragile and bendy, its quality is suspect. While trying on frames, you can check this by bending the frame slightly to see if it regains its original shape.

  • Most importantly, the frame should be comfortable. It should sit perfectly on the bridge of the nose and be lightweight.

Wayfarer eyeglasses

  • If the frame keeps falling off the nose, then it isn’t a perfect fit. Also, if the frame is too tight and or leaves crease marks on the nose and temples, then, too, it’s lacking.

  • If a frame breaks with use, the quality is undoubtedly poor.

  • The material used in frames also determines quality. A cheap frame is usually made of low-grade plastic or metal; such a frame is neither smooth nor comfortable to wear. A low-grade plastic frame might also melt in extreme hot temperatures.

We all want that perfect frame which accentuates our features and makes us look stylish. With these simple parameters, you can find the perfect frame, and a good quality one too!

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