Get the best out of your eyeglasses

Aloha, bespectacled friends! There are some relationships, like that with your hairdresser, or with your morning coffee, which are like love at first sight. These relationships need to be nurtured carefully and invested with enough time and effort. For instance, you need the right coffee beans to get the perfect flavor and the best start to your day!

Spectacles and I are inseparable too, unless I am wearing lenses in the day. However, I come back to my favorite eyeglasses invariably at night and usually spend days in them, as they are super comfortable.Twitter_logo_blue_16

They offer us the world and so, naturally, we need to take care of them so that they stay in shape and prove durable.

Here are some basic tips to take care of your eyeglasses:

  1. Always remove them with both hands to keep the alignment of the temples straight.

  1. Do not use your spectacles to push your hair back. It makes the frame loose and shapeless.

Women Eyeglasses

  1. Always clean them with water or a lens cleaning solution first. Cleaning a dry lens can be abrasive and damage it permanently.

  1. Do not use a towel, tissues or any random piece of cloth to wipe the lenses. They must always be cleaned using a special microfiber optical cleaning cloth to avoid scratches.

cloth to wipe the lenses

  1. Always keep them in a hard case when not in use. Do not use a sliding case, as it can be damaging and abrasive.

  1. Do not keep them in high-risk places — like on the bed, or the edge of a table — where chances of damage to them are high.

  1. Keep your face clean of make-up and dirt to avoid deposits from accumulating on the nose pads and on the bridge area.

face clean of make-up and dirt

  1. Keep your glasses facing upward, to avoid the lenses from getting scratches!

Have a fulfilling relationship with your eyeglasses by following these simple and useful tips. Remember, with a little care and attention, you can make them last long and put them to optimum use.

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