Get Bluetooth on your eyes

I am a tech-geek who loves to stay updated with the latest trends in the market. My eyes always catch the sign of a latest gadget just like a dog can smell a bone superbly from a distance.

This time my eyes caught Bluetooth Sunglasses! And believe me these are extremely stylish and fashionable.

bluetooth eyeglasses

Technology based bluetooth sunglasses offered by Kagawa are the ones people go for. Yes, one who is a tech-lover and wants to enjoy the latest gadget can go for a unisex stainless steel collection.

These corrosion-resistant, light-weight and high durability eyewear are provided to Indian customers at a price of Rs. 4,990 only.
These stylish sunglasses have bluetooth device placed on the right hand side of the temple. The Kagawa bluetooth sunglasses are unisex in design because of which these can be used by both men and women.

One needs to long press the start button on the temple to operate it.

The functions include transfer of any file from the phone and laptop to the bluetooth sunglasses. One can also listen to his favorite music using the same. The user does not need to take out his phone every time and he can use the sunglasses anytime anywhere by connecting it to the mobile phone and laptop.

As a customer, you get these full rim sunglasses which allow more oxygen to pass through them. The bluetooth sunglasses are rectangular in shape which is suitable for all the people with any face shape.

Further, these bluetooth sunglasses are preferred by the people because of their 100% ultra violet rays protection which means protecting your eyes from everything except the safest and most glare-free light. One should not worry about their durability as these are available with a one year warranty.
Most of the sunglasses are light in weight ranging between 18 to 21.5 gms. One of them has an average weight of 25.2 gms.

Oakley Bag sunglasses!

oakley sunglasses

Excited? Yes, these Oakley Bag sunglasses are very flexible with a price of Rs.4056.13! Make your own style statement by buying one.

These sunglasses are renowned among the people for their secure fit and an advanced sweat-resistant design. Optimized for sports use, one can listen to music and make calls virtually anywhere. These can be safely kept in the pocket.

Recon Bluetooth Sunglasses!


Wow! Is that the word that first strikes your mind?

Bluetooth eyeglasses are fashion accessories which are easy to use anytime anywhere.
Recon 60 grams bluetooth sunglasses are one of those sunglasses with changeable battery, high resolution display and high definition camera.

Doping Armstrong Cycling.JPEG-0ce80

Yeah! These eyeglasses are easily portable. Wear them while running, playing or riding a bike just like, Lance Armstrong.

Tripecs Bluetooth Sunglasses


The best way to impress a girl is to wear glares which showcase your true-self and personality. A trendy accessory reflects your fashion taste.

These have uni-directional mics and one dialing touch to operate the bluetooth sunglasses. All these features are provided to the customers by Tripecs at a price of $ US 897.415.

Razrwire bluetooth sunglasses!

bluetooth sunglasses

Now one can have handiness while having a talk on the phone, especially businessmen. No interruption!
These sunglasses with hands-free, cable-free connection to bluetooth-enabled compatible devices are offered by Razrwire.

Motorola S71 bluetooth sunglasses

motorola bluetooth sunglasses

For a gadget freak it is a treasure which is designed for him only.

Markets are laden with bluetooth sunglasses. Grab one today and enjoy the up-to-the-minute fashion!

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