Get awesome in August

When rains get the air all humid and sticky, what more would one want to do than dressing up minimally. Keeping the unpredictable down pours, the sun’s glare, sticky weather and the usual havoc on the streets (and not to mention the frizzy hair trouble) in mind, I sat down and planned to share all that I do at “such anti-style situations”. Of course, with all that stickiness around you, this season demands you to keep your look neat and very basic. My mantra is to dress simple, yet stylishly, keeping your eyewear your hero.

Look 1:


Invest in a good pair of Wayfarer sunglasses to make a statement just like these blue & transparent Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Wayfarers are available in abundance, you name the colour or tone and someone would never fail to present it to you.

Look 2:


A pair of Aviator sunglasses is an essential accessory. The best part: They never let you down. If you are not sure what accessory to add to a particular outfit, fill in Aviators for that perfect lift to your style. Here I also break the old myth of not combining aviator sunglasses with a maxi dress. Tie your hair in a bun and wear your Aviator sunglasses to transform yourself into a diva. 🙂

Look 3:


All you pretty women at work, here is what you can do. Add your super cute and trendy Cat eyeglasses to add that oomph and style to your look. Don’t forget eyeglasses are no more ugly. 😉

Look 4:

look 3_Fotor

Yet another girly look that can be fun to try if sported with chic maroon Aviators with bridge like these. Like I said, wear a pair of Aviator sunglasses and forget about how you look.

Look 5:

Guys, this one is for you….


Well, boys should also keep their look simple and very stylish. Only one way to go about it: Get a pair of classy and tony looking Wayfarer sunglasses like these from Vincent Chase.

Well, here’s all for today. Keep Wayfarers, Aviators and Cat’s-eye sunglasses and eyewear in your closet to make a statement every time you step out on the streets. But hey, why don’t you write about my look! Don’t I look dapper in those cool cat’s-eye sunglasses? 😉 Ciao!

cool cat eye

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