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Whenever I recall few incidences of my childhood, one of the incidents regarding spectacles always amuse me. One fine day, at my home everyone in family was watching television and enjoying moments of togetherness. All of a sudden, my younger sister stood up and walked to another room. Though she came back in few minutes and started watching television with us, everybody was wondering as to why did she go to another room. After an hour, my dad noticed that she had removed her new spectacles and was watching television with naked eyes.

Her eyesight was quite weak and doctors had prescribed her to wear spectacles all the time, but still she was not wearing them. Because of this attitude of hers, my dad got irritated and went inside the room to bring her spectacles. He offered her to wear the spectacles and scolded her that as doctor had advised her to wear them for maximum possible hours, especially during studies and watching television, she should not take them off.

To this, she denied to wear her spectacles frames, and so my dad forcefully threw them on the floor and angrily murmured “its all waste to understand and do something good for you”. With this statement, my dad left the room. The spectacles were broken immediately, as they were made of glasses and only the frame was left because it was made of plastic. Due to this incidence, everybody’s mood to watch television got spoiled and they got dispersed to get involved in their individual activities.

After an hour, when my dad’s anger got cooled down, he came to my younger sister and said that his intention was not to spoil her mood and shout at her, instead her behaviour had forced him to do so. He finally concluded by saying “in the evening, we will go to market and bring new pair of spectacles for you”. As the evening was nearing, both of them got ready to go to market. My dad asked her to carry her frame, so that they will only have to buy glasses for them. Now came the climax of the entire incidence. My dad came to know that he broke his own reading eyeglasses instead of hers, out of confusion. My sister’s eyeglasses were in a good condition. To this, we all laughed out over the entire confusion and course of events.

This was one of the funniest incidences of my childhood that I admire the most. By late evening, he went to the market to buy a stylish pair of eyeglasses for himself. But, failed to get a nice pair. Later, I suggested my dad that we should try I had heard about this online shopping portal from my friends, and they also praised its wide variety of branded spectacles. The branded spectacles offered here have long life due to their sturdy material. He was able to find and buy a decent pair of spectacles from

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