For The Love of Yellow

2019 has been a total whirlwind so far, hasn’t it? Britain has finally left the European Union, Game of Thrones did not go out with a bang like The Big Bang Theory did, and ‘yellow’ has found its way to the top, beating all the other colors as the trendiest color of Spring 2019. Kudos to the vibrant color!

Representing happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor, loyalty, joy and freshness, yellow sure is unique. Spring-Summer 2019’s hottest color has many shades – gold, bumblebee, beige, mustard, amber, honey, lemon, and royal, to name a few.

So, this year, make sure that everything you own has, at least, an itty-bitty shade of yellow. And, being the Good Samaritans that we are, we are going to help you by highlighting the trendiest sunnies in this sunny color.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Aviators have been the most popular style of Ray-Ban sunglasses since time immemorial. Who could ever forget Pete “Maverick” Mitchell donning the pair so flawlessly in Top Gun? Every guy wanted to be him and everyone wanted a pair of the teardrop-shaped goggles. To this day, these sunnies are a crowd favorite worldwide. This particular black frame has yellow glasses with brown temple tips, making it classy and classic. Pair it with your casuals or formals, and trust us – Ray-Ban Aviators never disappoint.

If you are fashion-savvy like us, you know that a pair of cat-eyes is a must-own. Cat-eye glasses were first seen in Breakfast at Tiffany’s where Audrey Hepburn rocked the look and since then, they have been the epitome of stylish eyewear. This Fallon Colby piece has a modern twist to the look, making it even more chic. Take on this summer with this pair. Don it with your shorts or dresses as it will add femininity to your overall look flawlessly.

Athleisure has taken over the world of fashion. With famous public figures like the Kardashian-Jenner clan popularizing it, this fashion movement has us all wanting a piece of the pie. Sports sunglasses are now style accessories. This Oakley pair is bold and flashy. You could don it with your tracksuits or sportswear or you could also pull a Bella Hadid or a Kim Kardashian and pair it with your heels.

Yet another masterpiece from Oakley, these wayfarer-shaped sunglasses have yellow mirrored lenses, giving a contemporary look to the old-fashion trapezoidal design. The definitive and sturdy silhouette makes the pair adaptable to many kinds of wearers, and is guaranteed to leave you looking smart and elegant.

Round goggles give a modern, offbeat and laid-back vibe, and have become a crowd favorite, especially after the Harry Potter franchise became a worldwide phenomenon. With revamped designs and sophisticated embellishments, these rounders have emerged as the top contenders in the ever-changing world of fashion accessories. This yellow gradient pair from the Colby Closet collection sure is a beauty. They’d go perfectly well with your casuals.

Squares have been known to be somber and classy at the same time. They possess this spell to make you look elegant. This Oakley piece, with its yellow-colored glasses, adds a modern twist to the quintessential design. Versatile in nature, you could never go wrong with this one.

So, there you have it, folks – 6 of our favorite yellow-toned shades to keep you in trend this year. You know what they say: ‘follow the crowd’. Let the radiance of yellow lead you this year. Ciao for now!

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