Food for your eyes, but how?

Do we really need to know what to eat for our eye vision? Not for sure, as we get ‘gyan’ on it every day from at least our elders.

omlate- food for healthy eye

But how many of us are able to incorporate those tips in our daily diet chart? Long working hours and performance pressures take away from us the luxury to eat what our eyes need.

vegitables for eye

So, why not try having something that is health- and time-friendly?

Healthy food doesn’t always ask you to compromise on your sleep or work schedule. Browse through few quick and easy food choices given below to know the secret of healthy eyesight in the busy urban lifestyle.

  • Sandwiches to survive on: Haven’t we heard that carrot and tomatoes bring a spark to your eyes? And here’s how simple it is to incorporate them in your on-the-go lifestyle – Have a carrot and tomato sandwich for breakfast and feed your eyes with vitamin A, beta-carotene and antioxidants.

carrot and tomato sandwich for breakfast and feed your eyes with vitamin A

  • Almonds to start with: Many of us start our day with cornflakes in the breakfast. But, very few of us know that almonds and peanuts in our cornflakes’ bowl can do wonders? Daily dose of almonds and peanuts not only suffice for our body protein needs, but also keeps our vision in a good state.


  • Eggs the saviors: “Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao ande”! Not just quick but also an appetising food option, eggs keep us going in the busy urban lifestyle! You can have them as snacks or in your main course, but you just can’t afford to miss out on them.

boil eggs for eye

  • Stay refreshingly healthy: Our refrigerators are always stuffed with fruits and vegetables, so why not enjoy eating them? Carry them to work and give a fresh treat to your eyes.

fruits and vegetables

  • Enjoy breaks with smoothies and juices: When your friends go for cigarette break, you can enjoy the time to the most by having yummy strawberry shakes or orange juice. They are not just fillers between two meals, but also a great support for your eyesight.

having yummy strawberry shakes or orange juice

Healthy food habits don’t demand time but tricks! Start infusing healthy but readily available food items in your daily diet to satiate not just your taste buds but also your eyesight.

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