Five popular Eye health myths called into question

Almost all of us have grown up, being sermonized on the care of our most treasured assets- our EYES, at least once in childhood. They were not sermons merely, but strict pieces of warning in regard  our vision, especially when they were coming from our parents. Who knew these myths, no…. beliefs would age so soon and you would have a chance to burst them most gracefully ! These beliefs, have most ironically turned into myths over time, while giving you a chance to enjoy a better edge of knowledge over your parents.

1. Myth: Eat carrots and see the magic it does to your vision

Truth: Carrots are known to enrich your vision because of the presence of vitamin A but it is not limited to just carrots. Find the vision restoring vitamin also in foods like cheese, milk, yolk and liver. Eat all these, and go amazed at the number of restoration options, nature has to offer.

2. Myth: Reading in the dark will weaken your eyesight

Truth: As it is with the case of sitting close to television, our parents have always considered reading in the dark, a reason for our poor vision(that is sound currently but could go bad!). However, this condition might cause you to have a headache or eye strain but not altogether weaken them.

3. Myth: Sunglasses are the best way to protect your eyes from the sun

Truth: You can’t safely assume that wearing just an ordinary pair of goggles will do everything to shield your eyes from external evils like sun and dust. However the dark shading in sunglasses will help cut down on sun’s glare, provided you use a right kind of lens with proper UV protection.

4. Myth: You don’t really need a vision exam, as long as you can see well.

Truth: This is clearly not the fact because a vision exam offers you a lot more than just examining your eyes. During the comprehensive study of your eyes, your overall health will also be put into check. It is important to see a doctor once in a while, for your eye exam is going to take care of your overall health also.

5.  Myth: Wearing the wrong prescription can damage your eyes.

Truth: One time or the other, every one of us have stolen our grandma’s pair of eyeglasses to try on and wearing them might even give you a dizzy feeling or a headache but will not damage your eyes completely. You might experience an eye strain, if you wear an old prescription. Take a regular eye exam and wear the prescription that’s just right for your eye health, so you stay clear of any vision problems.

Savour the vision that is healthy and bright, while you unravel the truth from above propagated myths.

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