Eyewear to Fall in Love with

‘Tis the season of fall, also known as the January of fashion and so, it is.

Fall/Winter eyewear trends are raging and this time, we’re talking colours!

We’re very eager to know what colours you’re sporting in the fall. Are you in sync with the fall/winter eyewear colours or have you just thrown on the same ones you wore last season? If your answer to the latter question is a very meek ‘yes’, you, my friend need a reality, sorry, runway check!

So, here’s presenting the many colours of Fall/Winter eyewear! People, take note.

In print

The tortoise print and colours are BIG this season. We see them everywhere! Bye-Bye Leopard prints (I’m going to miss you)!

Similar tortoise Eyewear

Follow the pattern

Playful colours have been combined with psychedelic patterns.

Similar Eyewear

Back to basics

Neutrals, earthy and saturated tones have found great favors in the fashion world.

Similar Men's Sunglasses

Pretty pastels

This season, eyeglasses are also high on light pastel colours.

Similar Eyeglasses

Go metallic

Then there are the not-so heavy duty metallic shades that are so in trend right now! There are lots and lots of liquid gold, rose gold and even steel grey hues that are considered as hot property in the eyewear world!

Similar Sunglasses

 Designer Speak: Pria Kataaria Puri

We got one of Bollywood’s favourite ace fashion designers, Pria Kataaria Puri who was only too happy, to share with us her take on eyewear and her favourite colours this fall/winter!

Designer speak Pria Kataria Puri

Here’s our little chat with the gorgeous designer!

LK Blogger: You’re spotted wearing a lot of eyewear

Pria Kataaria Puri: I like wearing sunglasses because firstly, my eyes stay protected and secondly, they make a great fashion statement.

LK: What’s your favourite pair of glasses right now?
PKP: I love collecting sunglasses and I have so many of them. At the moment my favorite is a black Versace Vanita. They are the new style that everyone is sporting. I like this particular pair of sunglasses because it suits my face.

Look, she sent us a few of her pics too!

Similar Women's Sunglasses

You could try getting Pria’s look with any of these shades on Lenskart:

online Sunglasses for women

So, here’s hoping that you’ve got all the dope you need on this season’s hottest colours in eyewear.

So chuck your last season’s glasses and get in with the new!

Happy shopping you guys!

Let me know all about your new treats!

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