Eyewear Protection 101

Much has been written about finding the best pair of eyeglasses, the perfect fit for your face shape, etc. But don’t you think that is the easy part? The real challenge is holding on to those frames. Right?

On the other hand, we all know at least one person who can’t seem to keep a pair for long. So, we have chronicled some scenarios – from unrealistic to plain funny, which result in losing/breakage of your precious glasses. Scroll down to know how you can avoid being the Velma of your group.


Don’t put them on your head, only to forget!

Believe it or not, this is the most common way to lose glasses. And I’m sure you have done that at least once!

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Sleepy heads 
I understand it is difficult to fight the temptation of reading in bed at night. Well, if you do that, you risk sleeping with your specs on. Ouch! That will definitely distort the fit and shape. And who knows, they fell on the floor in the night, and the first thing you do in the morning is stepping on them. Crack!

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Roller coasters
Make sure to hold on to your dear life, and your specs on the way down.

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When they get stuck in your hair
Your thick, strong locks might be the envy of friends, but it is too common to get your frames stuck in them. Pull them off gently to protect both your lifelines – hair and spectacles.

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Shower time!
Specs are prone to breaking while in the shower. I do understand why you feel it’s necessary to wear them in the shower. After all, you don’t want to be confused between the shampoo and the conditioner.

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