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“I go wherever my creativity takes me,” famous rapper Lil Wayne once said. And this is the case with me too. Girly stuff but last afternoon I was so bored that I thought of doing my nails. However, to do away with that boredom, I decided of being a l’il more creative.

Look what I made 🙂


And this is how you can do it too:


  • An old pair of sunglasses. ( I used aviators)
  • Nail art decals/ stickers. ( Floral or lacy design)




Step 1

 Wipe the lenses of your sunglasses clean. Start sticking the nail art decals/stickers on the edges of the lenses, begin with top corner.


Step 2

Keep sticking the decals/stickers on your lenses. Make sure they don’t look gaudy and don’t apply a lot of them. I used 4 stickers. You can choose according to the size and shape of your stickers.

DIY 07

Step 3

You can add extra small stickers to make the ends of the design look apt. I used small roses towards both the ends of the design to give it a look like that of a lace.

DIY 10

Step 4

Now repeat this on the other lens too.



Press the stickers firmly to make sure they are glued properly.

DIY 09

Tadaaa! It’s done! Have a closer look at the awesome lacey aviators!


Cheap and chic, this is the easiest way to turn your boring sunglasses into fascinating ones! Try it home for sure.

Happy Friday! Happy weekend! 🙂




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