Eyes Like A Rockstar!

I am sure all of you have heard that it’s a weird world we live in. When it comes to accessorizing, we have left no stone unturned. Taking it a notch higher, the eyewear world has added spunk and twist to not only the frames but the contact lenses as well. The beauty of these lenses is they come with vivid twists and turns to beat the boredom out of your life.  There is one lens style for everybody, be it a sports freak, a ghost buster or a diamond enthusiast.

While I was surfing online for a new pair of contact lenses, my eyes fell on this crazy set of gold plated diamond studded ones. Pheewwww!

Freaky contact lens

An extravagant extension to the dumb Swarovski ones and it said, it would cost $15,000. Wow, now who would like to pay a fortune to look all that demonically ugly…huh? The man behind this genius is Chandershekar Chawan.

Daring indian bride with golden contacts

Beauty addicts, who have a passion to look all that different, would go any lengths to stand out. Let me give you a quick look at some of the interesting pieces that caught my eye.

clock in contact lenses

As if keeping time on your wrist was not enough. Watch lovers will be pleased to see that watch designs have entered the eye range as well… with a quirky analogue watch design on the lenses.

unusual contact lenses

While the Halloween fever is on, these crazy green coloured lenses are perfect for the spooky effect you want to shower.

football in contact lenses

Not a time tracker, not a horror maniac and only love sports? Do not worry, there is some for everybody. These football design lenses are bound to take you off your feet.

designer contact lenses

How can the hi-end brands leave this opportunity to flaunt? John Galliano from Christian Dior designed a unique lens outlining the iris with circles of gold and black along with the brand on the lens. After all, if you got it you got to flaunt it!

contact lenses

Jewelry lovers would go any lengths to make it work for them. These contact lenses come with danglers hanging from them. Uncanny and eye catchy range consists of multiple danglers with flowers and other designs from them.

Well, well, well! These were a few highlights for the quirky contact lenses. If you are one of those – ‘I don’t care’ types, why not go and try one of these. For your eyes only…

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