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Sunglasses are not new to anyone; especially to the crowd of present generation. Their usage has increased from ever before. Earlier, people were not aware of the concept of sunglasses. The sunglasses were availed for the sole purpose of making a style statement cutting through the multitude. With the escalation of the sultry climatic conditions wreaking havoc on us, there are many a problem that are to be dealt with in everyday lives by the masses; especially eye-related dilemmas. Whether you are to head to the sandy beaches or you just desire to soak up the sun on your terrace, sunglasses can be the most trustable entity that could be pondered upon. Market is copiously protruding out its various categorical items and there is a plenty to opt for, be it in terms of either colour or lenses or frame structure or nose pads. Sun, besides proving to be our energy, proves to be a chastiser too. Sunglasses are a great helper that promises to shield our precious vision from the UV (ultraviolet)-demon. There rife a trend of sunglasses because the prestige that our eyes lend onto us just can’t be matched via any other entity. Vision intact and we are ever colourful.

I too have been a sunglasses-fiend. Not that I don’t have fetish towards any other stuff; but being from a beauty-crazy family, I want to keep my vision as well as fashion-statement in place. I, even hailing from the present era, snort in the aroma that my mother would have had when she wore them. The sunglasses that my mother owns, hails from around four decades ago when my mum (mother) was in her ‘fresh’ days and warming up in the glory of the trends. She would prefer numerous pieces of sunglasses. From the big-framed to narrow, from sophisticated to spunky, from understated to chirpy, she was the grand-possessor of them all. Hmmn…so, while writing this piece, I could fathom as to wherefrom the seed of my love for sunglasses had sown from. Now, not being a sly obscurer, I would open out a confession- she was far better an enthusiast than what I could ever be. Not only this, she even has them all stretched across her wardrobe. And believe you me; they all are aura-saddled, which in the flowery past must have made for head-turning statement. I actually feel myself illumined to slide into her past every time I get my eyes on her elaborate collection. Let me tell you, how I, at times, sneak out of the house with her goggles in my bag. But, hey, I do shoulder the responsibility of keeping them safe throughout my visits. Also, do I laugh my guts out, whenever the thought of my dodging her passes through my mind; what seems to be her past (memories) is adorning my present. Although, I do have my own collection, yet the fidget that her pieces bring out is unprecedented.

Amongst many of what I own, IDEE Sunglasses are the ones that I’m most attached to. The pair is a unisex one. IDEE Sunglasses are a pinnacle of style; the brand is squarely viable. The variation provided in each piece of the goggles is immaculate. Gradient lenses, mirrored lenses, tinted lenses are the kinds that the brand caters you with. IDEE Sunglasses can be availed by men and women alike as they are unisex. One piece of IDEE Sunglasses can be a bestowment to you. The goggles can be put on to stand out in the crowd and the limitation of age isn’t existent. From young to middle-aged to old, everyone can bask in the enigma they bring upon. A whole new altitude will mesmerize you via goggles the brand offers. A whimsical sense follows after one gets catered by IDEE sunglasses. Marketplace is getting more hectic by the day, and people want to keep their money safe too. So, via internet, the goggles can definitely be bought; thus, people can eat their cake and cut it too. You can buy sunglasses through various websites that sell the brand out of their kempt kitty. On go the sunglasses and nimbly revert the thanks- from your eyes!

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