Eyeglasses that Lent Character to B-baddies


With so much heat about Delhi gang rape case and finally justice delivered, one thing is for sure, Indian generation is inspired by Bollywood for acts of crime. I was reminded of the Bollywood baddies, who in 60s and 70s considered rape to be a pivotal ingredient to make a successful masala flick. The hero was considered to be a hero only after he had saved the damsel in distress from the hands of merciless, male nymphomaniac.

“Itni khoobsoorat cheez ko bhagwan ke liye kaise chhod du?’’ said the villain. LOL! How many times have we heard this?
The villain would usually be wearing a shirt with three top buttons open and a sunglass for the cruel, ‘I-don’t-care’ scoundrel look.
Here we list out a few famous antiheroes, without whom 100 years of cinematic journey would not have been complete and who were recognized by their eyewear.

# Main chhota sa, pyara sa bachcha hoon!

Shakti kapoor- Main chhota sa, pyara sa bachcha hoon!


From the cape crusader, ‘Crime Master Gogo’ to Charlie Chaplin like moustaches, ‘Balma’ Shakti Kapoor takes the price home for being a notable bad ass of Bollywood. A fan of bubble wrap design, he was noticed wearing black and brown ones in many a films. Yellow lens Wayfarers were his fav too in low light conditions for that cruel effect.

#The real Kancha Cheena of Bollywood

danny denzongpa


One of the biggest hits of its time, Agneepath gave Bollywood one of the most celebrated villains. Giving almost 110+ rapes and multiple murders to our film industry, Danny Denzongpa seems to be set in his classic black Aviators. Well hero ho ya zero, Aviators fill the space for everyone.

# Mera naam hai Prem… Prem Chopra

Mera naam hai Prem… Prem Chopra


Bagging the award for the best rapist-actor of Bollywood, he accounts for the highest number of rapes in movies, 250 in total! The lusty look and drooling face on seeing the beautiful heroine looked perfect with bubble wrap sunglasses or even Aviators would do the trick.

#O shut up!

Ranjeet- O shut up


Ranjeet sir was the king of 70s and has inspired the new age villain to be who they are today. Crisp dialogue delivery and 150 rape scenes, he was the reigning king of drama, hands down. Aviators hid his leering eyes which were always feeding on the bosoms around. 😛

#Saara sheher mujhe Lion ke name se jaanta hai!

Ajit Khan

Even I can’t say the dialogue sans that lusty tone! Yes, that was the effect of this Lion a.k.a Ajit Khan. One of the most versatile villains, Hindi Cinema has witnessed, his eyewear also represents the fun element in his nature. Bubble wrap eyeglasses or the geeky ones and even an inverted shaped pair of sunglasses, he was a true experimentalist.

# Mogambo khush hua

Amrish Puri

While we talk about the baddies, how can we not think about the Mogambo? Amrish Puri was not only a villain but a great actor who represented his generation. His round T-shades or even yellow lensed Aviators looked perfect with the canonical hat.

#Zindagi ka mazaa to khatte main hi hai!

Gulshan Grover

This famous dialogue from the movie Diljale brought laurels to Gulshan Grover’s carrier. Giving us a real time feel of a true rascal, his 22 rape scenes added to his criminal image. But he never fell short of style. Looking princely in his black wayfarers, he also gave the actors a run for their money with full-rimmed Aviators.

Lottiya Pathan, Dr. Dang, Shaakal, Gabbar and many others lived up to the spirit of acting in Indian Cinema. With so many to look up to, hope the youth today only seek their style and nothing more.

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