Eyeglasses for All by Vintage

vintage eyeglasses
vintage eyeglasses

The brand took birth just from a silly conversation between friends. Who had an idea that one day the brand would transform into something so popular and celebrated. The brand slowly became an ambition for the founders that lead to development of the most loved eyeglasses company. The designs by the brand are innovative and sophisticated. Exquisite designs and distinguished frames are synonymous to Vintage eyeglasses. I am a big fan of Vintage eyeglasses. The glasses manufactured by the brand are sturdy, durable, comfortable, stylish and very affordable. All of the above properties in one single pair of eyeglasses are not only great but also very rare.

The lenses used by the brand are scratch proof and your eyeglasses will look like new even after long usage. Unnecessary scratches or abrasions will be unable to harm your precious eyeglasses. The coating that is offered over the eyeglasses lenses has a low dispersion and blocks the harmful ultraviolet rays A, B and C and IR rays from entering into the eyes. Vintage is much in vogue these days. The popular phrase old is gold still holds true in the present day scenario. We all love to imitate the yesteryear beauties and want to adopt their styles. In the history of cinema, eyeglasses have played a peculiar role. Some styles became so popular that they were adopted by the generations then and are still loved by all. The eyeglasses manufactured by the brand bring a feel of freshness along with their antique qualities. The designs are such that they can be easily made a part of our present day lives.

The eyeglasses come with Trivex or polycarbonate lenses that weigh much lesser than plastic offering utmost comfort to the wearer. Also the unmatched quality by the brand will bless you with a clear vision and you can enjoy the view of beautiful sunsets and sunrises, beautiful beaches, scenic beauties, breathtaking moments and smiles that instantly lift up your mood. The eyeglasses are shatter proof and have flexible frames. The anti-reflective optical coating on the lenses will soothe the eyes of the people who are constantly staring at computer screens on their work desks all through the day. I love the way the Vintage eyeglasses look. The brand has various pieces in attractive colours like grey, silver, yellow, golden, red, purple, brown, black, and all other colours that one can think of. The brand showcases a plethora of different styles amongst which cat eye happens to be my most favourite. The Vintage eyeglasses do not just act as vision correctors but also accentuate a person’s looks. If chosen carefully, a pair of eyeglasses can easily intensify or soften your facial features whichever required. You can buy eyeglasses online India from the e-commerce website and have an easy access to various designs and also avail attractive discounts. Take this easy guide on how to choose an ideal frames according to your face, personality and liking. It is as easy as ABC. Where A stands for assess your face, B stands for bring out & balance your features and C is for consider your coloring, style and preferences.

A square face looks good when wearing oval, round or butterfly frames. Oval faces on the other hand should opt for square, rectangular, geometric frames that usually add angles to the soft curves of such a face. Broad glasses, with decorated temples that add width to an oblong face are ideal for oblong shaped people. Angular, geometric frames that sharpen and intensify the facial features are great for round faces. A diamond face cut would look even more attractive with cat eye style eyeglasses these emphasize the cheek bones also oval frames with rimless styles are best suited to such people. Low set temple and narrow round frames that soften the forehead look good on people with heart shaped face.

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