Eye-popping trends of 2015

Come new year, and all fashionistas want to know what’s in store for them.

So, here it is – a complete lowdown on the eyewear fashion that you’d want to ape.

In 2015, everyone’s favourite accessory is taking a U-turn, bringing back the yesteryear styles, but with over-the-top modish designs. And trust me! These sunglasses and eyeglasses are adorable, chic and to die for.

So, put on your shades and look at what’s on the horizon for the eyewear trends in 2015.



The year 2015 will see the revival of the bright, candy coloured frames. They are perfect for the impending spring and summer months. These energetic and confident hued sunglasses will come in innovative and unique shapes. But if you’re someone who adores the old school charm, they are also available in Wayfarers and round frames.

Wayfarers and aviators

It’s not just the candy coloured frames that will have eyes popping. Colourful mirrored lenses will make another trendy round this year. With celebs and fashionistas all flaunting a pair, these beloved mirrored sunnies are not going anywhere.

women sunglasses

Pair these vibrant goggles with a classic monotone outfit and you’re all set to make heads turn.


white eyeglasses

If you are the one who loves the sombre trends, then there is nothing better than these white frames. They were quite fashionable in the 90s but this year, with a slightly different interpretation of the trend, these sunglasses and eyeglasses will give you a classy and chic look.

Available in all elegant forms and shapes, confidently pick a pair for a stunning look. Flaunt a pair with a matching white ensemble or a flashy outfit.

women cat eye sunglasses


retro style sunglasses

This year will mark the renovation of the classics. Global fashion houses are reviving these vintage styles and they are definitely proving themselves worthwhile. With flattering contemporary designs, these retro frames are adorned with everything, from flowers to animal print, and from basic blacks to sassy colours. Round, cat-eye or brow-line style, these frames will not fail to make you look devastatingly chic.

The retro sunglasses or eyeglasses will certainly add a dash of old-school flair to your look.

women eyeglasses


oversize sunglasses

The ombre effect sunglasses are the new and catchy interpretation of the 70s trend. Flirty and playful, these sunglasses were a hit in 2014; however, this trend will not be fading away very soon. With designers like Roberto Cavalli and Valentino as the best source of inspiration, we will see them as a favourite this year.

oversize women sunglasses


cat-eye style

Out-of-the-ordinary designs and detailing, eyewear designers are going bold and risky with these heavily embellished sunglasses. They feature brow lines that are decorated with colourful semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and studs. The frames are laced with fabrics and motifs. These extravagant, yet elegant eyeglasses are available in many shape and size, but the cat-eye style seems to be a favourite among divas and rightly so!

A new year means a new trend, which basically means a new look. So, go ahead and experiment with these modish, yet vintage designs. The 2015 eyewear trends are targeting the eyewear trendsetter. Each one of these goggles and spectacles are a masterpiece that is an ideal addition to any kind of ensemble.

I personally fell in love with the stylish and elegant elements of these eyewear, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. 🙂




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