Eyeconic Decades

Old family albums always unfold new stories. This time I was dazed to see my granny flaunting her cat eyeglasses at a party — that too in the 70s! I show off the same shape now.

Retro eyeglasses


In a chit chat with my 80-year-old fashionista, I got to know that she was crazy about eyeglasses and used the trendiest pairs back then. On my insistence, she told me about the most iconic eyeglass trends of her era while I told her about the modern ones.




emperor nero


Roman Emperor Nero was said to have used a gem to watch games. It is believed that the first pair of eyeglasses were developed about 1200 years ago in Italy.



Riveted eyeglasses


Came 1300s and Riveted frames were invented. Finally something user-friendly came into being, the V-shape of the bridge could balance at the nose.



Eyeglasses in 1400s



1400s – This was the era when sunglasses were finally available for the masses. “Sale”, ya that’s what I thought of too 😉



George Washington and his eyeglasses




First high statement fashion eyeglasses were worn by none other than George Washington – America’s first President, 1700s




1800s eyeglasses




1800s – Believe it or not Harry Potter glasses were in vogue, even then.




Marilyn monroe's eyeglasses in 1900s




Marilyn Monroe Era – Cat eyeglasses galore – 1900s






That’s how we do it now!

Sonam KapoorSRK in rimless eyeglassesDeepika Padukone geeky look



From Bollywood biggies to Hollywood icons, no one can escape this evergreen fashion accessory.

Brad PittAngelina JolieAnne Hathaway's with eyeglasseswoody allen and his iconic eyeglasses

Take cues from these icons and become eye-conic in your own space.

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