Eye the right sport

How many times have we “wowww-ed” after a hot sportsperson on the field, sweating it out? Dashing smashes, killer moves and, yes, those ‘oh so sexy’ goggles.

While most of us would relate to the colourful, yet stylish sunglasses that our cricketers sport, each sport has a different type of eyewear defined for it. And, all of these sporting stars look equally ‘yummy’ 😉

On the Ground

cricket sunglasses

What’s that one scene which comes to your mind when we talk about Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball, Golf, etc. Fine working humans exercising their bodies under the sun. Being humans that’s the best we could come up with.

beach volleyball sunglasses

Exercising vigour under the sun brings along its own deformities if not taken care of. The sun is a crucial master – rewarding and punishing at the same time. It’s true that normal aviators or wayfarer’s can, too, do the trick, but only just about right. Professional sports require a lot of running around, imagine stepping onto your aviators when delivering the winning smash on the other side of the court. The sports sunglasses are common because of their wrap-around hassle-free design, because of their anti-sun comfort and because they give the real sports look. Difficult to break, these sunglasses fit comfortably on every face, while they solve the purpose of a distraction-free play.

Sports sunglasses

Must for : Cricket, Tennis, Volleyball, Golf, Cycling, etc.


When flying like a bird


When we talk about open air activities, we really are mixing the differences between a bird and a human. Yes, it doesn’t come naturally to us, but we humans are known to struggle, create, manipulate, cheat, lie and adapt to find what we really want, flying per se.

FAQ: Oh! You mean to say that owning a parachute is not enough?
Ans.: LOL! You might want to conquer your imaginary world with that parachute of yours, but when in air, we are dealing with a closer distance to the sun, which means we are more vulnerable to sun radiations from when we are gravitating on the land.


When in-air, we really need goggles which are comfortable, block high-speed air to clash with our eye balls, high on UV protection, polarized for a crisper view and tinted for a comfortable viewing experience against the sunlight.

Hang gliding

Must for : Paragliding, Hang gliding, sky diving, Parachuting, etc.


When swimming like a dolphin

Under water swimming

I hear you like to swim a lot. I hear you like water, not because it is your zodiac element, but because you just happen to have a knack towards moving your body to act like a fish. Hmmm, I hope you use those swimming goggles. You do, right? No? Keep on reading.

Micheal phelps

Professional swimmers wear goggles because of the chlorine used to keep the water used in swimming pools clean. This cleaning agent is responsible for the clear colour of the water and the red colour of your eyes. Also, the blurry vision right after you get out of water is because of the carelessness when indulging in underwater activities. Water based sports have their own genre of goggles to look forward to. They give a clear view experience with the cushioned borders that stick onto your eyes, restricting water entrance. And you don’t even want to get into the details of a natural water body. Eww!

scuba diving goggles

Must for : Swimming, Diving, Scuba-diving, Snorkeling, Water Polo, etc.


When playing with snow 

Skiing goggles

Winters have their own ‘thing’. Snow. What did adventurers do when flying was not advised, when water froze to death levels and the whole world was covered by a sheet of snow? They created Snow sports.


Now, being acrobatic while the world is white has its own pros and cons. Goggles being so important that their absence might just ruin your day considering you won’t be able to see at all and the events that follow when snowboarding or skiing. These special goggles provide clear vision by covering a larger portion around your eyes. They are air locked from the edges, the material used to form the lenses has anti-fog properties, they are UV protected and are polarized at the same time and above all, these sunglasses are tinted to add some colours to the white in the world. Not wearing them might mean blocked vision and broken bones.

snowboarding goggles

Must for : Skiing, Snowboarding, Ski jumping, etc.

So, friends, all in all, the dangers you face can be shortened a bit with a clear vision. After all everything has a purpose, right?

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