Eye makeup tips for eyeglass wearers

Perfectly winged liner, beautifully shaped eye brows, fuller lips covered by a bold lip colour, and the concealer perfectly blending with the skin complexion – getting the makeup just right is every girl’s fantasy and accept it or not, they even day-dream about it.

And more than anyone, women who wear eyeglasses are constantly wondering as to how they can attract the necessary attention to their eyes, even behind those fashionable spectacles.

club master eyeglasses

But no worries, pretty lady! We are here to provide you some easy eye makeup tips which will accentuate your beautiful eyes even behind those spectacles.

Go neutral


Yes girls, neutral is the way to go. Wear neutral eye makeup because something too bright or sparkly would, anyways, not be visible behind those eyeglasses! Also, you don’t want your eyes to disappear behind that dark eye shadow and spectacles. Do you?

Conceal the shadows

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Brighten up your under-eye area by applying a blending concealer so that the area appears smooth and flawless. Wearing eyeglasses is likely to leave shadows under your eyes. They can also intensify your dark circles as well as the puffy bags under the eyes.

Line it up with liquid eye-liner

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The best part about using a liquid eye-liner is its boldness and ease of use. A liquid eye-liner will be essentially visible past the eyeglasses since it is deep and dark. Moreover, it is super easy to apply.

Mimic the eyeliner with the eyeglasses

woman eyeglasses

The thickness of your eye liner should depend on your eyeglasses.

  • With thinner frames, apply a thin liner along the entire lid of the lash line.
  • A thick line will go with thick-rimmed, bold and geeky eyeglasses.

Otherwise, there are lesser chances that a thin line would even be visible behind a thick pair of spectacles. Isn’t it?

Shine it up

recangular eyeglasses

Don’t wanna look too sober? Use a bright sparkling liner to put on your waterline and on to the inner corner of your eyes. It will add a dash of glamour to your overall neutral look and make it all the more appealing.

Brush those lashes

It’s high time that you bust the myth of not wearing mascara when donning eyeglasses. Swishing 2-3 layers of water-proof mascara on your eyelashes will only accentuate the charm of your magnificent eyes and will add to the thickness of your lashes.

And if you are worried that they will start sticking to your eyeglasses, an eye lash curler is the saviour for you! It will beautify the shape of the lashes and will also prevent them from getting in touch with your spectacles.

Define the brows

brown frame eyeglasses

Your eyebrows are an important part of your facial features. They frame your face and if done properly can instantly draw attention to your face. So, shape them to your spectacles and use a bit of eyeliner pencil along the arch to create a definite distinction.

Go bold with the lips


Since you’ll be keeping the eye makeup subtle, a bold lip colour will work wonders for your look. Ruby red, hot pink, hues of purple – put on any loud colour to complete your look. Also, don’t forget to put the blush on. It will add colour to your face and will also add shine to the apples of your cheeks.

So girls, already excited about getting it right the next time? Let us know how you do it with your spectacles on by writing in the comments section below.

And make the most of this Fall-Winter by attracting glances with your sober yet cheesy eye makeup! 🙂

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