Have you been to this “Eye Hotel” yet?

There are eye hospitals, eyewear stores and even eyewear museums, but I bet you haven’t ever heard of the ‘eye hotel’. There are few places on the globe which truly offer a ‘best of both worlds’ feeling – and the Eye Hotel in Utrecht, Netherlands is one of them. If you are a lover of all things ocular, AND historical places. just like me, you are going to love this boutique hotel.

Steeped in history

This property’s rich history dates back to the 17th century. It was a monumental building, the house of a nobleman in those days. Later on, it served as a local eye hospital, founded by the famous Dutch ophthalmologist, Franciscus Cornelis Donders. In 2015 it was restored to its old glory and opened as the Eye Hotel.

Every great hotel should remember its glorious past – the Eye Hotel takes it quite literally!

An eye for detail

What separates this property from other cookie-cutter hotels is the quirky and geek chic design. The rooms, staircases, and lounge are adorned with artefacts like old pictures, pictures of quotes, and all things related to eyes – even actual glasses (not for sale). Rooms are modern, spacious, and tastefully furnished.

The creativity bouncing off the walls will definitely leave a long lasting impression. If historical hotels are your thing, this unique property can satisfy your wanderlust. The “specsy” design will spark your interest in the ocular habits and styles of people living in those times.

Whether you’re travelling with family or visiting the city for a short business trip, this place certainly deserves a visit.

Eye Hotel, quiet ironically, is still not in the public eye. Here’s the perfect chance to visit this unexplored beauty.

Don’t wait; strike this off your bucket list!

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