Evolution of Eyeglasses


-1st pair of specs was used in 54 AD

-That they were the privilege of the elite

Roman Emperors use glass or crystals vision aids. The first spectacles with rivets are used by monks and scholars.

The first spectacles with tempes appear. Guggenheim press is invented. More books, more spectacles!

Lorgnettes – to watch Mr. Shakspeare’s plays! Bousch & Lomb is born. TV & movies spur the demand for eyeglasses. Pince-nez in vogue!

The first lightweight plastic lens and big, bold, colorful frames. Eyeglasses are in fashion – The cat-eye frame for women & thick, black rectangular frames for men.

Thin and distortion-free polycarbonate lenses are introduced. British Professor Joshua Silver invents adjustable liquid filled optical lenses. Eyewear reaches the under privileged!
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