Easy & understated: That’s Samir Kochhar’s style

samir kochhar

TV presenter and Bollywood actor, Samir Kochhar is ranked among India’s 50 most good-looking men. Kochhar’s charming anchoring ability for the last 7 years has led him to be known as the face of the Indian Premier League (IPL).Besides being an almost indispensable part of this cricketing extravaganza, Kochhar is a fitness enthusiast and a true travel junkie. Most recently, he’s busy shooting for two movies, namely Island City and Mango Dreams, which will soon make their entry into the festival circuit.


LK: Hi Samir, how are you? Been busy with the IPL?

Samir Kochhar: I’m very grateful. This is my eighth year hosting the IPL and being the face of IPL has been great. IPL is one of its kinds and meeting people from all walks of life has been a plus point.

LK: Hosting IPL must have taken you around the world! What’s your favourite travel destination?

SK: Actually I love travelling around India, more than abroad. Every city has its own magic. Delhi is home, I get to spend time with my family. Whereas, in Kolkata, I have a lot of friends and I catch up with them whenever I visit Cal. And Chennai and Bangalore are all about food, and I like indulging in some good South Indian cuisine.

LK: Always travelling up and down must be very hectic, how do you manage to stay healthy and fit? What’s your fitness mantra?

SK: Travelling from city to city can be hard. The idea is to get as much rest as possible. My mantra is to drink lots of water to keep myself hydrated. I go to the gym to de-stress and whenever I get the time, I go for runs for about 5 to 10 kms.

LK: Since you travel a lot, what are the essentials you always carry around?

SK: Since I travel a lot, I don’t like carrying along a lot of stuff. I’m basically a light packer. The essentials I carry around are my iPad, hard drive with a lot of movies to watch, colognes and my sleep tracks. To sleep comfortably is very important to me.

LK: How would you describe your personal style?

SK: My personal style is easy, understated and comfortable. If I have all these three, I am good to go. But this year, my stylists and I are trying something different with high-end fashion trends and retro styling. We’re going with ‘fashion with a message’. We’re trying out prints with Swachh Bharat, animal rights, women empowerment and some such messages.

LK: What’s the perfect definition of style?

SK: Style is something you create for yourself. The true essence of style is feeling good. If you feel good, don’t let anyone else determine your style for you.

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LK: Do sunglasses or eyewear, in general, add to your style quotient?

SK: Yes, absolutely! I believe that a nice pair of sunglasses can add to your whole outlook. Although, I have to admit that unless it’s very bright and hot, when I’m in the stadium interviewing fans or in the studio hosting, I don’t prefer wearing them. I like to keep an eye contact with the people I’m conversing with.

LK: You were talking about trying out retro styling earlier, and these days retro eyewear is the in-thing. Tell us your favourite type of eyewear?

SK: I bought a pair of Wayfarers quite recently. I absolutely love it. It’s classy and you can wear it with almost every kind of outfit.

LK: How many pair of sunglasses do you own?

SK: Not many. I have only four pairs.

LK: Which of your features best describe you and how do you accentuate those features?

SK: Hmm… that’s a hard one! My eyes, I think (laughs). I’m not the kind of person who talks about himself. You would have to ask someone to answer that for me.

LK: Is there a fashion fetish we don’t know about?

SK: With a lot of suits I wear on-screen, people might be surprise to know that I’m quite the opposite. I prefer casual-comfy clothes. I own around 35-40 single toned Tees. I love those and collect them. My favourite outfit would be a comfy Tee and a pair of denims.

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LK: One fashion trend you’d like to do away with and why?

SK: One fashion trend I’d like to do away with… would be those funny hairdos. But that would be hair style trends. I think I would go with loud dressing. I absolutely do not like loud dressing.

LK: Some style tips you’d like to give to the players on field?

SK: On field, style is secondary. As long as the players are having a good game, that’s all that matters. But I would say the fans are the true style icons with the colourful jerseys, coloured hair and the new-age Mohawks.

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