Do you have your eyes on a Specsy guy?

Love it or hate it! Glasses have become quite an accessory. Lucky you if you still don’t need to wear eyeglasses, or are you?! Now that there are many reasons to cheer about growing up with glasses, the spectacles are anything but a burden on your face and personality!

Nerdy look has a lot to do with spectacles, but hold on… there are many other layers associated with the personality of specs wearers. Have you ever had a crush on a person who wears glasses? The answer could be a ‘Yes’ for most of you.

What attracted you towards him/her? Was it his/her serious and studious look? Or was it the person behind those specs, you fell for?

5 reasons to date a guy with glasses

Are Ryan Gosling and Johnny Depp the frequent visitors in your dreams? Apart from the acting skills, what else is common between these two Hollywood hunks? Would you deny that their specsy look takes your heart away, every now and then?

Not just celebrities, but in real life too, girls fall for boys or men with glasses. When glasses are for nerdy, then what are those secret love bows that men with specs are armed with!

He looks sophisticated

I am sure every girl wants her man to be classy with a sophisticated appeal! No one looks classier in appearance than men with glasses. Men with specs succeed in making an impression of sophistication at the very first glance; all credit goes to their mysterious glasses!

mysterious glasses

He is not superficial

For a man with glasses, looks are indeed not everything. He can teach you the ways to discover the non-physical aspects of everyone around you. If he does not care being called nerdy, then take my word, you are dating a non-superficial guy! He respects inner quality more than outer appearance, and also, he is more focused in life with clear vision.

For a man with glasses

He looks intelligent

Guys with glasses look intelligent in an obtrusive manner. This may sound cliché, but it’s a fact that we all associate wearing glasses with the habit of reading more. It’s fun to believe that your partner with glasses will be well read and he will know it all! 😉

wearing glasses

He sees things differently

Being highly opinionated but with equal amount of understanding, he is smart enough to see things from different perspective. He won’t feel shy while disagreeing with you, but in an amicable manner. Be ready to see the world from different interesting angles by being with a guy who wears specs all the time.

“I consider myself smart, and take pride in knowing people when I meet them. Having been a journalist for seven years gave me a deep insight into people from all walks of life. But meeting Chetan and listening to his thoughts about people was an eye opener. Completely devoid of judgement, he knew what he was talking about. He always showed me the other side of people,” says Poonam Bansal, who met her ‘specsy’ husband five years ago.


He is fashionable

You may have clothes for all occasions in your wardrobe, but your guy with specs also has glasses to match his different outfits and moods. Wayfarer frames for office, rimless glasses for interviews and meetings, colourful, printed frames for parties, and half-rimmed, colourful frames for casual outings. Every time when you go out on a date with him, you get to see him in a different but perfect frame!

“That’s one thing that really attracted me towards Varun, when we started dating. He had an enormous collection of frames. It’s almost like he’s a hoarder. And how impeccable he’d look in all of them! I couldn’t say a ‘No’ when he asked me to marry him,” chuckles 33-year-old Neha Tuli, who has now been married to techie Varun Tuli for six years.

printed frames for parties

Well, if there’s so much that’s attractive about them, then what’s stopping you. Take the plunge, get closer, and start getting to know him. You never know, he may just be the one!

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