Get classy with your vintage shades


“Creativity is a drug I cannot live without”, eminent American film producer and director Cecil B. DeMille once said. Sometimes boredom leads to creativity and that’s when I decided to give some sparkle to my sunglasses.


Stylish, right? You want one too? It’s darned simple.

Just get the following supplies:

  • 1 or 2 pair of sunglasses (depends on which pair you make or both)
  • Rhinestone leopard necklace or other large long animal figure pendant
  • Rhinestone bracelet
  • Rhinestone hair pins
  • Pliers
  • Jewelry & Metal Glue


To make Rhinestone Leopard Sunglasses:

Step 1:

Remove the chain of your rhinestone leopard necklace.


Step 2:

Place a small amount of jewellery and metal glue on one side of the sunglasses to fix the rhinestone animal there. Hold it for a few minutes so that glue dries down.


Ideally, leave your glasses to dry overnight before you use them for better adhesive strength. It’s done! 🙂


Aha! That’s surely a twisted, yet extremely stylish pair of vintage sunglasses.

Now, Rhinestone Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Step 1:

Take the jewellery first. Pull rhinestones off of the hair pins and also break the links on the bracelet.


Step 2:

To fix the pieces of rhinestone, take your jewellery and metal glue. Place a small amount of the glue on the frame. Place each piece one-by-one and ensure to hold them before these are glued properly.


I have already recommended letting them dry overnight so that these don’t fall off when you’re wearing them.


It’s time to applaud your creation and put the show on as your rhinestone leopard and cat-eye sunglasses are set to enhance your style and add glamour to your look.


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