DIY: Embellish the mirror sunglasses for beaches

DIY-mirror sunglasses

I am back with my monthly eyewear DIY digest. And since it’s the summer season of beaches and bikinis, it’s only fair that you have some stylish beachy eyewear to go with.

Mirror aviators are the in-thing. They look chic, classy and super-hot. So, why not add an elegant twist to them and make them more beachy? Why not bling up your summer eyewear? All you need is a pair of mirror sunglasses like these!

DIY-mirror sunglasses5

Ready, set, DIY!

What you need:

  1. A pair of mirror aviators
  2. Old golden-coloured flower motifs
  3. 4 big rhinestones
  4. Golden Rice beads
  5. Lots of rhinestone crystal elements
  6. Fabric glue
  7. A pair of scissors
  8. And, finally, loads of creative mind space 😉

DIY-mirror sunglasses4


Creating your very own pair of ‘Floral Blingy Eyewear’ is simpler than it looks and is a lot of fun. All you have to do is collect the raw material and ideate how you want your aviators to look.

Step 1:

Take a pair of mirror Aviators, just like the one shown in the picture above and hold it by the nose bridge, apply some fabric glue to one of the temples. Then, place one rice bead after another in a line, as shown below:

DIY-mirror sunglasses6

Once you have placed each rice bead carefully, this is how the temples should look:

DIY-mirror sunglasses7

Repeat the steps on the other temple so that they look like this:

DIY-mirror sunglasses8

Step 2:

Now, take one of the golden floral motifs and with the help of a drop of fabric glue, place them on the upper side of the tinted lens, as is shown below:

DIY-mirror sunglasses9

Step 3:

Now take one of the big rhinestones and place it just below the floral motif. Then, place two more big rhinestones just above the floral motif. Look how pretty it has started to appear.

DIY-mirror sunglasses10

Let it dry for a minute before you continue.

Step 4:

Take another golden floral motif. With the help of fabric glue, place it on the other lens in a similar way. This is how it should look:

DIY-mirror sunglasses11

Once you have done this, place the big rhinestone and two white beads just above and below the motif. See how both frames look different yet really eye catching and quirky.

Step 6:

Finally, put a little bit of fabric glue on the nose bridge and place the tiny crystal rhinestones in a line and let this try for an hour or two.

Embellish the mirror sunglasses for beaches


Once you’re shades are dry, this is how they will look:

DIY-mirror sunglasses3

And now, you can wear these pretty little sunnies to the next beach party or poolside soiree.

DIY-mirror sunglasses2

You are bound to make heads turn!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s the perfect day to sit down for your very own beachy mirror sunglasses!

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