DIY: Brushstroke print sunglasses

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Spring-Summer’s most sought after print – Brushstroke – is here! And I decided it was only fair that eyewear fashion should have its own version of the brushstroke print. Girls would agree with me on this.

For the past two seasons, the fashion industry has embraced creative and artistic expression in full swing. The result is – we have designs and silhouettes inspired by works of art.

Brushstroke print on runway

So, I took some inspiration from the runway and recreated the same print on a pair of sunnies!

What you need

What you need

–     A pair of classic plain black Wayfarers (I used a pair of Vincent Chase sunglasses from

–     1 thin paint brush

–     Fabric paints (Try to pick some of the brightest colours to give you a striking effect)

How To

I used five bright fabric paint colours – yellow, red, green, blue and white – to create a sort of Aztec/tribal stripe pattern.

Colours used

I started with the yellow. Hold the glasses by the nose bridge firm, delicately. Then, using very light strokes, add horizontal stripes like this.

Step 1

You do not need to add fresh paint to the brush. The fading effect of the paint adds to the effect. Do this on both the temples.

Then start on the next colour. In this case red, and then follow the same pattern on the top part of the temple, like this. Follow the same technique, throughout.

Step 2

This is how it should look once you’re done with the red and yellow combination.

Step 3

Now, use the green paint in the gaps between each slanting yellow stroke; like this.

Step 4

Follow this up with blue paint in the gaps between the slanting red strokes on the upper half of the temple.

Step 5

You’re left with the temples looking detailed and coloured, masking out the black, completely.

Now, we move to the front of the frame.

Hold your glasses by the nose bridge and between your thumb and index finger, so you can have a firm grip. Now, dip your brush in the white paint (just a slight dab of white on the brush will do). And paint the brow line of the frames, like this.

Step 6

Once the white paint dries, you can add some more colour on your frame. Make yellow, blue, red and green strokes in between the white gaps. This is how it should look when you’re done.

Step 7

Once the paint on the temples dry down, add finishing touches with strokes of white between the colours.

Step 9

Allow your all-new brushstroke print Wayfarers to dry for a good one hour. The end result is a pair of bright looking shades in the trendiest print ever.

Finished Glasses

Sport your brushstroke DIY sunglasses with absolutely anything this season and wow everyone!

As for me, I can’t wait to hit the roads on a hot summer day!

Until we meet again! 😉

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