Designer sunglasses- Winter collection 2012

Sunglasses make an iconic fashion statement. They protect your eyes from the harmful UV radiation of the sun and also complement your style. There are a number of brands which bring you the best variety in sunglasses. You can choose from umpteen different styles to amplify your looks. This winter indulge yourself in the most outstanding aviator and wayfarer collection in sunglasses.


Aviators have had a timeless and diverse style since its origination from the wardrobe of the US fighter pilots. Metal or an acetate frame and a teardrop shape are the most distinguishing features of aviators. They have a lightweight frame and come in a variety of lenses, including mirrored, tinted and polarized lenses. They have been a continuous favourite with celebrities. The aviator look was sported by the all time famous star, Tom Cruise, in the 1986 blockbuster, Top Gun.

Winters usually get boring with dark hues and all those layers of clothes. In the eagerness of buying the best clothes, we completely forget one essential accessory, and they are sunglasses. Just like your body, your eyes need to be protected too. Sunglasses prevent the eyes from being damaged by the harmful UV radiation of the sun. Aviators, having an area two or three times of the area of the eye socket, provide optimum protection and comfort. Available in some trendy colours, they instantly elevate your looks. They bring you out from the monotony of the same kind of colours in clothes.

Wayfarers usually have a plastic frame and are available in modish colours and prints. With a horizontally long brow frame, they tend to give a retro look. Being light-weight and durable they provide excellent comfort to the wearer. Made iconic in the 80s, the wayfarer has a timeless appeal with an ultimate essence of its own.

Fashion just gets bolder and better with time. If you want to keep it simple or show some high end luxury, sunglasses are the best accessory. They bring forth the best blend of everything you need to make the best style statement. You can look smart and sleek, tough and rugged, bold and sharp with wayfarer sunglasses. They protect your eyes and allow you to see the world with a fresh and new perspective.

Wayfarer Sunglasses Collection for Men and Women

Ray-Ban RB2140 902/57 Size:50 Tortoise 902/57 Men’s Zyl Sunglasses

RAY-BAN RB2140 TORTOISE MEN'S ZYL SUNGLASSESBuy these tortoise brown coloured wayfarers from Ray-Ban to flaunt an edgy and cool look. Add this neutral tone with your flamboyant attire to get the perfect look. The print on these sunglasses is very popular these days. Get style and protection for your eyes rolled into one with these wayfarers.

Vincent Chase VC 2140 Black Yellow Grey Gradient Wayfarer Unisex Sunglasses

Get warmed up in the cold winter sun with these yellow and black wayfarers from Vincent Chase. Not only do they protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, they also notch up your style quotient. Available at an unbeatable price, this pair is just the one you can buy without a doubt.

Vincent Chase VC K736 Red Black Grey Gradient Unisex Sunglasses

Look hot these winters with red and black wayfarers from Vincent Chase. It’s strength and durability is unquestionable with high attention paid to intricate details. Give the best protection to your eyes with them. Be the new trendsetter.

Vincent Chase VC-1066 Tortoise Brown Unisex Wayfarer Sunglasses

VINCENT CHASE VC-1066 TORTOISE BROWN UNISEX WAYFARER SUNGLASSESGet the wow factor and make a simple outfit interesting by donning these wayfarers. The amazing print on the frame gives you unmatched style. The light-weight plastic frame makes it comfortable to wear. The brown lenses provide you optimum visual acuity.

Aviator Sunglasses Collection for Men and Women

Ray-Ban RB3025I 001/4F size-58 Golden Yellow Men Metal Sunglasses

Ray-Ban brings you these sturdy sunglasses which are UV protected. Sleek and classy, these golden yellow aviators will surely make you the center of attraction. They give you a style which never goes wrong. So, go ahead and buy them.

Ray-Ban RB3025 001/4B Size:58 Golden 001/4B Men’s Metal Sunglasses

Get an unmatched look with these golden framed aviators with pink lenses. Crafted with care, they protect your eyes and give you the best of style. Pair them up with a white suit to get more heads turning.
Ray-Ban RB3362 001 Cockpit Arista Size:59 Sunglasses

RAY-BAN RB3362 001 COCKPIT ARISTA SUNGLASSESThese sunglasses from Ray-Ban promise you unmatched style and protection. The golden frame and green colour bring you a step ahead in the fashion league. Display your pleasant personality by adding them to your collection.

Vintage Aviator-Let It Be Silver White Grey Gradient Col.144 Unisex Sunglasses

Silver and white hue, get the looks too good to be true. Buy them and have the best of fashion. They will surely serve the purpose of protecting your eyes and give you comfort. Get the best deal and pay the best price for these aviator sunglasses from Vintage.

Enhance your personality and keep your eyes safe with sunglasses. For more collection in sunglasses visit You will surely get a splendid variety in sunglasses at an unmatched price.

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