DeeJaying the nerdy way

DeeJaying the nerdy way

Party season’s at its peak and what better way to talk about eyewear than the ones sported by our famous DJs. Most of our electro-musicians prefer a nerdy look, any guesses why?
Take a look and figure it out yourself:


Skrillex - DeeJaying the nerdy way

The 25-year-old star from the U.S., who has culled out tracks like Bangarang & Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites has a stable fan following not just for his trippy music, but also for his quirky look. He is rarely seen without the wayfarer eyeglasses and, at times, even shades. They have, in fact, become synonymous with his image. You’ll see him sporting them while playing live and even to the red carpet events!


Wanna follow his style? Lenskart gives you quite an impressive assortment of choices!

Skrillex Eyewear

Nikhil Chinapa

Nikhil Chinapa sunglasses

We all know the man who brought EDM to India. For Sunburn Goa, we only have Nikhil Chinapa to thank.

He is THE style and youth icon. But what is also very impressive is the way he pulls off a chilled-out look – glasses et al!

Nikhil Chinapa in his Eyewear

He’s often spotted wearing Aviators or polaroid sunglasses. And guess what? You can find similar styles on Lenskart.

Nikhil eyewear

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki eyewear

If there’s anyone who reflects funk and attitude in style, it’s Steve Aoki himself. Recently, he was in the Capital to perform and I must say he is quite a performer. He had the crowd going with his pumped up beats. What actually intrigues me the most about Aoki is his style of carrying off eccentric eyewear. See for yourself!

Aoki eyewear

If you’re looking for some attractive eyewear like Aoki’s, Lenskart has it sorted out for you!

Aoki eyewear

DJ Suketu

DJ Suketu eyewear

Undoubtedly, one of India’s foremost DJs, he made retro songs seem cool all over again. When it comes to his style image, what defines him majorly is his eyewear style. He keeps it simple, smart and nerdy.

Suketu eyewear

Lenskart actually gives you a wide range of eyewear that resembles the celebrated DJ’s style. Here are some you could choose from.

Suketu eyewear

So, learn from these modern age musical idols and this New Year maybe you can flaunt the latest trends, inspired by some of your favourite DJs!

And while you’re at it, you might as well join in the addiction on the Lenskart Twitter page.

All you have to do is tweet about why you’re #AddictedToLensKart and you could stand a chance of winning some stylish eyewear! So simple, no?

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Happy tweeting!

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