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What makes Lenskart happy? Happy and satisfied customers, of course!

Well, let’s take a look at what some of the customers, who enjoyed the Home Eye Check-Up program, had to say.

home eye check up

My relationship with Lenskart

2 Mohit

Mohit Pandey, manager at American Express, Delhi – “I was looking for a good pair of frame and I saw the Lenskart advertisement. I visited the website and found it very interactive. I could see that they offered a lot of frames. I could even try it online and then I saw that if I register, I could get my First Frame Free. So, this is how my relationship with Lenskart started. Since I wanted to get my eyes rechecked as well, I asked for the Home Check-Up service. Within a day, the technical staffs came to my place fully-equipped with machines and checked my eyes. After that, I placed my order and got my spectacles very soon. I really love Lenskart.”

Convenient & fabulous

3 Bhagwant

Bhagwant Purbha, I.T. professional, Delhi – “I’ve been into purchasing online stuff for a few years now, Lenskart being the pioneer in selling lenses and spectacles. I believe Lenskart to be one of the best in the industry for selling these products. Recently, I used one of the services where Lenskart sent their professionals to my place and checked my parents’ vision. It’s a hectic job to take my parents out for eye check-ups. So, this service by Lenskart was very convenient and it was a fabulous job done. I have been using their products and their products are one of the best and the quality is pretty good. I would recommend Lenskart to others as they are one of the best in the industry and their quality is unmatched with other websites and providers.”

Being appreciated


Arjun, student, 11-years-old, Delhi – “I once went on Lenskart and saw that there were many types of frames. I browsed through the website and told my father about it. He also browsed through it and got to know that the first frame was free. He contacted them and in a day or two, a van came fully equipped with great stuff and they checked my eyes. After that, my father placed the order for the frames which arrived soon afterwards. I saw that spectacles were delicately packed, so that there would not be any damages. My father appreciated the site and I strongly recommend”

Impressed with Lenskart

Mayoor bhatiya

Mayoor Bhatia, Mumbai – “The first time I came across this website, I was a bit skeptical about the process of ordering eyeglasses online. I would ask myself whether this website is for real. After getting my eyes checked from an ophthalmologist, I mustered up courage to place an order with Lenskart. Since I use progressive lenses, I was advised by their customer service executive to get an eye checkup done by their team in Mumbai. Their team visited my workplace and they did a thorough and professional job of conducting my eye examination. They even had a few frames from which I could try. They even helped me in placing my order online. Within 6 days I received my eyeglasses in a neatly packed carton, that too with Cash on Delivery facility. I was very impressed by the quality of the frame and the lens. Based on this experience I also placed an order for powered sunglasses, which again turned out to be very impressive. Thanks to this portal, one can order and receive your eyewear from the comfort of your home. In a nutshell, Lenskart has revolutionized the way people will shop for eyewear in future.”

Job well-done

Kodak lenses

Babu Singh, Mumbai – “I just received my rimless eyeglasses with free Kodak lenses. I was apprehensive since it was my first order for eyeglasses online, but the glasses came out perfect. Your eye-check up at my office place was also good. The packaging, leather case and glasses were perfect. I will recommend it to my friends and delivery time of 2 days was just awesome though I guess being in Mumbai helps. Good job Lenskart. From now on I would buy my glasses from Lenskart.”

Making life better

Sumana Chakraborty, Calcutta – “I booked an eye check-up for mother yesterday through Lenskart. She received a call for address and time confirmation. Life has been made easy these days. An eye check-up done at home only for Rs. 100.”

The Home Check-Up program provides the best service and the best quality at the best price. It is taking shopping experience to the next level by introducing an optical shop with eye check-up equipment, right at your doorstep. Now, it’s easier for you to get a regular eye check-up or buy new spectacles.

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a kind service by Lenskart. Book an appointment now.

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