D-Eye-Y: Holders for your glasses

Aren’t you tired of the situation when you desperately want your glasses and they are nowhere to be seen? Being a specsy myself, I can guarantee you must be. A regular knight in the shining armour, Lenskart offers a wide range of eyeglasses or sunglasses stand that are sure to come to the rescue.

But, we also have a way in which you can create your own personalized stand. Let’s take a look at how it can be done with great ease, using some trash that keeps lingering around in the house. We’ve got a best out-of-waste idea for you!

All you need to collect

Cardboard, Toilet Paper, Scissors, Colouring essentials, Taping essentials, white thermocol, Fevicol and some eyewear to use the stand!

  • Cut out the following shapes from the waste cardboard.

  • Stick them together as shown in the picture with the help of taping help collected.

  • As tape cannot hold onto the colour, we will have to cover it up with a layer of tissue paper. For the same, mix fevicol with water in the ratio of 1:2 and create a paste.

  • Using the paste, start sticking a layers of tissue paper on the structure obtained, just like shown in the picture below.

  • Cut out a stand shaped structure from white thermocol and stick it on the backside to support the eyewear stand.

  • After the structure is completely covered with tissue paper, it will look similar to the image below.

  • Let the structure dry up for a day. After the structure has completely dried up, it is all-set to be painted.
  • Using the painting essentials, Paint the complete structure with white colour and the proud moustache with black. The obtained stand will look somewhat like the one shown below.

  • The next step is to just grab the glasses and use it as the stand.

Isn’t it the most economical, beautiful and proud stand ever manufactured? And, the best part is, you can also flaunt your creativity when everyone appreciates the beauty in your room.

You can also create a chic mistress for holding onto your goggles, or maybe any face you can come up with.

So, what are you waiting for, go create your own stand, it’s easy plus holds your beauties without asking for any rent!

Flaunt your creativity just don’t forget to tell everyone where you got inspiration from.


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