D-Eye-Y: For blingy cat eyes


Heard about the spring summer 2013 eyewear trends? What’s in, what’s out?

Cat eye sunglasses are the talk of the town ever since 2013 saw the light of the day. A tragicomic design — tragic for those who do not understand fashion and comic for those who can relate to it — Cat-eye shades have been a wondrous and vivid companion to fashion maniacs.

An age-old design, it is a testimony of how fashion repeats itself. From Marilyn Monroe to Rihana to Beyonce, this design has met all eyes. We are sure even your mother keeps a pair in that upper rack of her wardrobe. Although very dear to her, plead her to lend them to you or even better buy a new pair and jazz it up further.

Convert your basic frames into something bombastic… Get yourself trend-ified.

Embeliished Cat eye sunglasses

Yes.. This is what we are talking about. Give your spunky Cat-eye sunglasses a glittery twist. Follow some simple steps below.

Step 1: Get the party started!

Cat eye and a string

A bit of ground work is also required here. While you buy or arrange for a pair of Cat-eye sunglasses, get a tube of Quick Fix, a string of small beads (any colour would do, but mind you, gold is in) and, of course, some patience.

Step 2: Break it up, boy!

gold beads

Along with some creative work, let’s get destructive and break those old necklaces. Let the beaded magic flow.

Step 3: Quick Fix it

Quick Fix

After some destruction, it is time to put it back together. Apply quick fix on the upper part of the rim of the frame.

Step 4: Bead it up!


Add the beads to the entire area and slowly watch your simple pair of sunglasses turn into a glamorous piece of fashion.

Step 5: Fruits of patience are always sweet


Step 6: Be the ‘Glam-Doll’ you want to be!


So today we saw how to become a ‘Glitterati’ among your friends in a jiffy. It is now time for some action, guys. Get up and get kicking. In the end,

“Do it with some style,

Do it with a swag,

Let your eyes do the talking

By lacing it up with some brag!”

–          Lenskart

Image Credit: www.Glitterglue.com

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