Counter the social norms

While strolling on the street with cool breezy running into my open hair, I spotted a bunch of ‘different’ people. I thought maybe they were Hippies!

Girls had highlighted pretty braided hair, wore palazzo pants and small round sunglasses, while boys were in relaxed cotton pants, V-neck Tees and matching sunglasses. They had a different vibe around them, something my friends or rather I don’t have.

Curiously, I walked up to them and struck a conversation. I asked them if they belonged to a group or something. A girl smiled and said “Free Culture”.

The word “free” defined their entire attire. But one thing stayed on my mind- ‘The sunglasses’ and the name ‘Free Culture. So, I came back home and did my bit of digging on the Internet.

COunter Culture

Their sunglasses are not only unique but they actually tell their story. They belonged to the dreamy, Counter Culture of the 60s. Well, like the name suggests, they are those set of people who openly disagree with the norms of the society. Just Like, my super fav John Lennon or Che Guevara.

So here I am all mesmerized by the Counter Culture, ready walk you through the best part of it – the sunglasses.

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today

 Image 2

Originally, teashades were a Victorian accessory used as spectacles and shooting glasses. They had smoked lenses that looked like the colour of tea and so were nicknamed as ‘tea shades’. I like to call them Lennon eyeglasses or granny glasses. 🙂

image 3

Let’s go back to the 60s!

Teashades were a famous accessory among courageous rebellion writers, artists, singers and authors who plead peace in the US & Europe through their art. Tom Petty from the famous Classic rock band- Heartbreakers, John Lennon, Liam Gallahar from Oasis, Mick Jagger and Roger Daltrey from The Who, all wore the psychedelic teashades.

The counter culture is also called the hippie culture. Remember the trippy song, ‘San Francisco’? Of course, many people sported these to cover their blood shot eyes after smoking up marijuana.

image 4

Teashades have gained popularity ‘again’ with a few changes in size and style. Well, I like the original ones more. But again, why have they become popular, NOW? That’s still a mystery.

image 5 (1)

Image credit-sayyestohoboken

I noticed many artists and characters who sported teashades. Most of them are a bit different. Like Lady Gaga, Oozy Osbourne, the Olsen sisters – Mary & Kate, Rihanna, Seraph from the famous flick – The Matrix Reloaded, and Lara Croft (if you played Tomb Raider).

image 6

Looks like I just answered my question! All of them are far away from what society expects out of a normal human being. They belong to a culture that exists mostly in their minds.

However, today, wearing teashades is more about fashion than a culture that sets you free.

image 7

If you like how teashades, don’t worry if they would suit you or not. They fit all face shapes and sizes. Go ahead and flaunt a pair of teashades in different tints, styles, colours & sizes.

image 8

Here I am signing off with a message for all — Keep calm and wear teashades!

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